Chidinma and flavour dating quotes

Fans Blast Chidinma After She Posted A New Photo She Took With Flavour - Gistmania

chidinma and flavour dating quotes

Chidinma has often denied being in a relationship with Flavour but these fans would have none of that as they took to the comment section to. The popular Nigerian artistes, Flavour and Chidinma who performed their collabo Chidinma and Flavour Kiss Passionately on Stage After Beautiful Performance (PHOTOS) . date=]FOOL[/quote]SO YOU. Chidinma And Flavor Dating Love Quotes For Dating Indian Speed Dating Australia Camping Hook Up In France Delta Motor Hook Up, Fast Dating Oxford, .

Flavour collaborated with Mr Raw on the album's lead single titled "N'abania". The song was recorded at Kingsley Ogoro's music studio in Lagos, Nigeria. Uplifted[ edit ] Following the relative success of his debut album, Flavour released Uplifted in While working on the album, Flavour believed the album would surpass his previous works.

Flavour's projection came true when the album broke national barriers.


Lolhiphop Records, an established record label in South Africa, released the album after popular demand. The album is the successor to Uplifted. It is arguably Flavour's biggest album to date due to the number of producers that worked on it.

It was launched on the same day of Flavour's 2nite Club grand opening. This is my third album Now it's time to give them the music, like define myself. I have to be more mature with my music, lyrics and instrumentation wise. I worked with tons of producers and the whole production process made sense.

But the music scholarship that I got really helped me. It taught me a lot about the job and how to be a professional. I had a particular director who told me that people usually think that musicians are wayward, irresponsible and ostentatious. He also told me that if I want to make a difference in my career, I have to be responsible, disciplined, and constantly hone my skill. Talent is never enough as one has to put in a lot of work as well.

What was your experience like when you started your career in the eastern part of the country? It was wonderful and I had a good time then.

Flavour Talks About Relationship With Chidinma

I used to perform with a live band at different places and people loved it. I was already popular in the East before I decided to relocate to Lagos and start afresh. I had to leave everything behind and start from the scratch in Lagos. I even had a car back then but when I came to Lagos, I arrived with just a bag.

It was quite tough in the early stage but because I had made up my mind never to give up until I achieved my dream, I kept working hard at it.

Fans Blast Chidinma After She Posted A New Photo She Took With Flavour

What are the qualities that have been working for you over time? I know that I still have a lot of things ahead of me, so I try to manage myself. I also have to maintain the standard. Getting there is not the problem; it is about staying there, so I need my discipline game to be per cent.

chidinma and flavour dating quotes

I also ensure I work every day and give the people what they want to hear. Right from the onset, I have always sought to distinguish myself and set myself apart from the rest. I have never compromised on my originality and I always make sure that I am down to earth. If you look at all my albums, you will see that I keep improving. I strive to do better than what I had done before.

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Even though the money is good, it is not really about that for me; I care more about the art. I work in the studio virtually every day. What are you working on at the moment?

I will be releasing my fifth studio album soon. Would you be having international collaborations on it? Yes, there are some though I cannot reveal much about that for now. What do you regard as your selling point as an artiste? It feels great and it is a motivation for me to keep working hard on my music and also my body. I visit the gym three times in a week even with my busy schedule.

Though it is not easy, it is what I have to do. Yemi Alade once said she has a crush on you, do you feel the same way about her? Yemi Alade is a very fantastic talent and she is a hard-working woman as well. I admire her a lot as an artiste.

At a point, you were also quite close to Chidinma; is she someone you can date?

chidinma and flavour dating quotes

These people you are mentioning are colleagues that I respect a lot. I have a wonderful relationship with my children and I love them so much. I am also on good terms with their mothers and everything is fine. There is no point regretting anything in life. Whatever will be will be. I can only do my best at all times.