Drake and serena dating

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drake and serena dating

Drake and Serena Williams may have rekindled their relationship at Wimbledon, if reports are anything to go by. Follow the latest celebrity. turbotop.info News Serena Williams and Drake relationship history ☆ Did the famous tennis player and the popular rapper date in the past?. Are Drake and Serena Williams dating? The two were spotted playing tennis together, but in Complex magazine's latest issue, he gives a cryptic answer.

He sat alongside her team in the stands and reportedly spent time with her off the court. He then celebrated her Wimbledon win on Instagram.

drake and serena dating

After watching Serena Williams claim her Wimbledon title, Drake reacted on Instagram by posting an image of her holding the trophy, alongside the caption: A big plate for all that food you ate at Wimbledon! He continued to support Serena from the stands at a number of her matches around the world.

Tennis fans began noticing that Drake was becoming a regular at Serena Williams' matches.

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Rumours began circling about a possible romance between the pair although both sides remained very quiet on the subject. Then, Drake and Serena Williams were spotted kissing Photos and video footage of the moment began circulating on the Internet. Not once, but twice Video footage emerged of Drizzy and Serena Williams kissing as they left what appeared to be a restaurant or a hotel. Drake can be seen walking her to an awaiting car. Drake then released a freestyle that posed more questions.

drake and serena dating

Did they break up? He glided over the production with a number of sporting references: Serena Williams and Kim Kardashian sipped tea.

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This photo posed many questions. Where were the rappers? How do the women know each other? Did Drake introduce Serena to Kim? What type of tea were they drinking?! Drake was then spotted at Serena Williams' biggest match of the year in With Serena Williams one match away from securing her status as the greatest female tennis player of her generation, Drizzy was again supporting her from the stands.

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Drake had previously been spotting sitting courtside at one of her tennis matches, which stirred a bit of speculation, but it wasn't until the prophetic paparazzi photos dropped that the rumors about the twosome really ramped up.

News learned that they had been dating for about a month. The relationship was instant tabloid fodder and the Twitterverse, naturally, exploded. From that point on pretty much nothing that they did as a couple could be kept a secret. It was, for lack of a better term, a media circus for the ages. They were photographed together everywhere they went, from his restaurant opening in Toronto to dates out on the town to front row at her New York Fashion Week show.

Perhaps the most infamous example was the US Open semifinal match, an egregious case of the entire public totally missing the point. Drake was seated front row at the big match—as any supposed boyfriend would do—but the second that Drizzy was spotted in the house, attention immediately shifted to the rapper and his relationship with Williams.

The tennis star ended up losing that tournament in straight sets that's tennis speak for a very bad matchand fans immediately accused Drake of distracting her. The rumors and accusations went flying—as did the hashtags—in half-joking, half-serious manners, but it was all absurd nonetheless.

Then, in almost as much of a surprise fashion as the Drake-Serena relationship began, the two were done.