Episode where sonny and chad start dating

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episode where sonny and chad start dating

Engineered Public Confession: In one episode, Chad uses Sonny to fake a good at least starting with the episode "Sonny With a Chance of Dating" (Since the. Sonny Munroe recently broke up with him in the episode "Sonny With a Choice." He also . Chad is a changed man ever since he started dating Sonny. In That's . Part 1 aired June 13th, and Part 2 aired June 20th, This is the episode where Sonny and Chad start dating, only to break up in "Sonny With A Choice.

They go on a date the following day, but Chad gets so nervous he throws up, ruining the date. Humiliated by the bad publicity this brought him, he tells Sonny he doesn't want to see her in public.

episode where sonny and chad start dating

Hurt, she breaks off the relationship. Realizing his mistake, he makes his feelings for her publicly known, winning her back, and Sonny stops lying to her fellow cast members, deciding her relationship with Chad is more important than their opinions.

They aren't currently dating. They are not together as of the moment, because of a recent breakup in Sonny With a Choice.

It comes to mind though, that Sonny seemed to occasionally break up with Chad, but never Chad breaking up with Sonny. Must mean that Chad truly has strong feelings for Sonny and always will. Chad is a changed man ever since he started dating Sonny.

episode where sonny and chad start dating

Chad would do anything to make Sonny happy, until the point where she broke up with him each time. He and Sonny dated, although their respective shows are rivals and they didn't care that their shows were enemies.

Portlyn co-stars with Chad in the hit tween drama MacKenzie Falls. They are just friends and they are also seen to hang-out with each other behind the camera. Chad said to Sonny that perhaps there would be a spot for her on MacKenzie Falls, after Portlyn disappears in a mysterious "ballooning accident".

Portlyn then comically sobs and walks out of the room. In Prank'd, Zora successfully pulled a prank on Chad. In Sonny in the Middle, it is seen that Zora tricked Chad for ice cream instead she took him to see "Giraffes on Ice" an animal morgue and in the near ending it is seen that both Chad and Tawni are with Zora watching Monkey Cars 3D. Wesley has a huge crush on Sonny, and Chad tells him to back off.

He gets fired at the end of the episode Zora Blossoms. He has only appeared in that episode. It is known that Chad and Tawni have known each other from an early age as they both had roles on the children's show, The Goody Gang, when they were little. Chad confused the "Absolutelys" without the "Absolutely Nots" and was fired at the end of the episode. Even though for his own evil scheme at the time, it gave Nico and Grady the fitness advantage. But Nico and Grady had convinced Chad that he was stood up.

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They even continuously said "Join us Chad You could be player 3". They had a good relationship until she says Sonny is the cause of him not getting his million fan on "Flitter. Sonny then, comes to the rescue. Appearances Chad did not appear in the first episode, "Sketchy Beginnings", as he wasn't introduced until the second episode, "West Coast Story", which aired immediately after the first one.

Sonny With A Chance S01E01 Sketchy Beginnings

Chad also did not appear in "Cheater Girls" or "Marshall with a Chance". Sterling Knight auditioned for the role of Stuart, another member of So Random!

episode where sonny and chad start dating

Chad is afraid of spiders not little ones and heights not low ones. Chad reads only three things: He owns his own private jet, AirChad.

When did sonny and chad start dating. Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell).

Chad drinks a lot of water when he is nervous. Chad says he won't be driven away, but he starts meditating in the photo booth, he runs away because of a rat. The So Random cast get their prop house back. Chad comes back and brings gifts to everyone in order to say he is sorry and didn't know how much the prop house meant to them.

He gives Tawni a Bedazzled lipstick case, Zora a night light for the sarcophagus, lets Nico and Grady ride the forklift, and lastly gives an autograph picture of himself to Sonny that says "To my biggest fan, I'm sorry, TV's Chad Dylan Cooper. Then, Nico and Grady bursts in while riding the forklift. Sunday, August 16th, Sonny begs Chad for his Lakers tickets. But when she and Hayden are shown on the kiss cam they are forced to kiss and Tawni sees them.

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Tawni gets mad and hides in her dressing room, locking the two doors. Meanwhile, Chad gets jealous because he sees the kiss on Tween Weekly Magazine. Sonny makes another date and tells Hayden that Tawni is going to cook for him. But when Sonny learns that Tawni can't cook, Sonny offers to have the date at her place and to cook the food.

After Sonny ruins the food, she tries to call Nico and Grady to bring food but she drops her phone in the sink by mistake. Tawni tries to help her by turning on the light but she turned on the garbage disposal instead and it somehow calls Chad. Chad thinks that Sonny is in trouble and later breaks down her door.

When everyone shows up at Sonny's apartment, the night turns awkward. Meanwhile, Grady and Nico try to put their influence on the name of a sandwich but whoever ate the sandwich ends up puking. Sunday, September 27th, Guess Who's Coming to Guest Star Chad is the new guest star on So Random, and he and Sonny have to do a sketch together where they will kiss, much to her dismay. Chad then says when Sonny looks into his eyes she will fall in love with him.

Sonny takes this seriously, and, worried she will fall in love with Chad tries everything she can to get out of it. In the end, they do the sketch and just as their about to kiss a pig flies into Sonny's hands, so she let's the pig kiss Chad. Sunday, November 1st, Hart to Hart Sonny convinces Tawni to fire her manager, not realizing it's her mom.

Meanwhile, Nico and Grady try to get past the new security guards. Sunday, November 8th, Sonny In the Middle Sonny gives Nico and Grady a gift for their birthday but they start to fight over it. They then decide that they will no longer be friends and start hanging out with Sonny. Sonny gets annoyed and tries to find a way to make Nico and Grady friends again. Sunday, November 15th, Cookie Monsters Sonny, who once was a Blossom Scout herself but got her sash taken away, helps Zora break a record of selling the most cookies but the studio owner's daughter joins the Blossom scouts just to see Zora lose and bribes Chad to help her.

Tawni takes a bet from Sonny that she can't stay away from looking at herself in the mirror. Nico and Grady create their own scent to get girls. Sunday, November 22nd, Sonny and Tawni make a pact backstage that they will have each others back but they realize that there is a hidden camera so Gilroy knows about their pact.

Tawni breaks the pact and Sonny starts to think about Chad Dylan Cooper, but Gilroy knows that is a face of someone who has a boy crush. Gilroy brings Chad out Chad thinks he's there because of a book he read and shows a clip of him and Sonny sharing a rather romantic moment from Episode 2.

They both go backstage and they don't realize there's another hidden camera and everyone is watching them. Sonny and Chad are about to tell each other what their feelings are for one another, but Tawni, feeling she owes Sonny, grabs the remote and turns off the camera so Gilroy and the studio audience can't see what happens. Gilroy turns the camera back on and sees Sonny saying "That was so much easier to say than I thought it would be," and then walking away with Chad. Gilroy becomes mad because he doesn't know what Sonny and Chad said to each other, although it is thought that they told each other that they like each other, based on what they were saying before and after Tawni turned the camera off.

Season 2 Sunday, March 14th, 1: Sunday, March 21st, 2: Sonny Get Your Goat Sonny and Tawni are invited on an exchange program to Glendovia because of the success of their Check-it-Out Girls sketch, but refuse to go together due to an unknown argument.

episode where sonny and chad start dating

When Tawni goes she is shocked to discover that it is a cultural wasteland and that the Glendovians think the characters are real check out girls. Meanwhile, an exchange student impresses a girl Nico and Grady like, and they both think it is because of his mustache.

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They then wear a mustache trying to impress her, but they get themselves stuck in their own mustaches because of the glue. Sunday, March 28th, 3: Sonny then gives Gassie too many dog treats that may have killed him. In the end it turns out Gassie was in shock from too many meatball treats and gets the love he deserves, also putting Chad into shock by pretending to be dead.

Sunday, April 11th, 4: Sonny With a Song Sonny writes a song and plans to sing it during the next show. Sunday, April 18th, 5: High School Miserable Sonny and her fellow cast members are forced to attend a public high school after they are all fired from the show because of their complaints about a new addition to the cast.

Can Tawni, Nico, Grady, and Zora survive a normal high school, even though it's not the "musical" they thought it would be? Sunday, May 2nd, 6: On the camping trip, Ms. Bitterman, who is their chaperone, tells them the legend of a very dangerous creature called Candy Face, making everyone jittery. Sunday, May 9th, 7: Gummy With a Chance After an accident, Tawni attempts to ban gum from the set. This complicates things for Sonny, who believes that chewing gum is what makes her funny.

Sunday, May 16th, 8: Grace and her friends turn the tables and play a practical joke on the cast. Meanwhile, Chad attempts to help a group of kids with their fear of clowns and ends up looking like one himself. Sunday, May 23rd, 9: Sunday, June 13th, Then she begins to have second thoughts when she realizes how her castmates will react.

Sunday, June 20th, Falling for the Falls - Part 2 Chad and Sonny finally had their first date, but Chad was afraid of how people see him and Sonny was afraid of how her friends at So Random see her.

Sunday, July 18th, This ruins her reputation, and she is asked to leave So Random!. Tawni supports Sonny as they drive back to Wisconsin, unable to clear her name.