Fann wong and christopher lee dating

Who is Fann Wong dating? Fann Wong boyfriend, husband

fann wong and christopher lee dating

Christopher Lee and Fann Wong have been married for 9 years. They were dating for 3 years after getting together in After 1 year of engagement they . Fann's husband, local actor Christopher Lee, does not compliment her as much as before,but "he will always complain how come I get to eat so. to know about how (and when) Christopher Lee and Fann Wong got much so that no one knows for sure when exactly they started dating.

Fann Wong To Christopher Lee: “Please Live To 100 Years Old”

How did Chris start his acting career? To protect her from unnecessary attention and to minimise the negative impact it had on her flourishing career, Chris told Fann not to visit him during his time in jail and instructed her not to receive him when he was released from prison too. So how did they keep in touch when he was behind bars?

fann wong and christopher lee dating

By going the old school way and writing each other long letters. I slept in the day and worked at night [back then].

fann wong and christopher lee dating

Once, an assistant producer had to even knock on his door to wake him up while the company bus was waiting outside his home because he could not get up in time for the morning shoot. It was embarrassing to say the least and he felt remorseful for it.

Ever since that incident, Chris reflected on himself and kicked the bad habit, and his latecomer days are, thankfully, long gone.

In June, she finished her new Chinese movie In a tangle.

Fann Wong and Christopher Lee - Dating, Gossip, News, Photos

Both of them were on the screen in late Inshe slowed down her step and only two dramas were filmed. Two more Singaporean dramas followed in But seemed to be a busy year for Fann. Another movie Runaway Woman was filmed in Xinjiang in May. Though she didn't release new album for years, she was still invited to perform at 9th Asia Song Festival which was held in Yeosul, Korea, on 4 August.

New Beginning under Catwalk [ edit ] became a new beginning for Fann.

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She has set up her own studio at the end ofand ended her contract with Huayi Brotherssigned a new contract with Taiwan management agency Catwalk. Condor hero, cabbie and convict Christopher has played all the above characters in his more notable screen roles. Also noteworthy was Show Hand inwhere he played a man nabbed in a gambling den.

[HQ] Fann Wong & Chris Lee Actual Wedding Dinner Pt4/5- 29/09/09

His is a diverse portfolio, and a couple other roles were: In the just-aired Against The Tide, a psychodrama on Channel 8, he was a suspense novelist. He would wrap cuts of meat and deliver lard to hawker stalls before going to school in the afternoon. In school, the athletic boy loved playing basketball and was an active sea scout, but once confessed in an interview with Life! But he was a good butcher boy and these days, he can expertly recommend which cuts of meat to use in recipes.

Curry rice landed him in jail Christopher loves his curry rice.