Feng shao and ariel lin dating

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feng shao and ariel lin dating

King of Lan Ling with Ariel Lin and Feng Shao Feng Premieres this His real life C-actress girlfriend Ni Ni was along for the junket and the. William Feng Shao Feng Prince of Lan ling, Ariel lin #drama fever Ariel Lin .. Cheongsam Date: s Culture: Chinese Medium: silk, metal Dimensions. #Ariel lin#Feng Shao Feng#Lan Ling Wang#King of Lan Ling . Episode 3 - Da Ren leaving his girlfriend behind right away and travelling all the way to Tai.

The only problem with ancient Chinese shows is how minimal the romance can seem. Hu Ge and Joe Cheng both have worked with Ariel more than once and I think the two of them are also my favourites among her leading men.

I thought Ariel really managed to show her acting range in this show because after seeing her play dumb and naive Xiang Qin, finally we see her do legit comedy as well. And then my tears fell when Xiao Qi and Di Gua were inevitably separated due to their status as goddess and mortal.

feng shao and ariel lin dating

Being prepared for that moment did not help one bit when both of them started to cry. It was such a sad bunch of episodes, the ones with the two of them apart.

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The worst part was Di Gua even lost all his memories of Xiao Qi! I decided to try out one of her older dramas called Love Contract, which she starred with the very handsome Mike He. But man they look great together! I started watching around episode 15 and the drama was a bit slow but it concentrated more on internal conflicts among the characters.

She played the damaged girl who struggles to cover up her sorrows and for the most part succeeds. But eventually it becomes too much for her to handle and she breaks down in front of the boy she loves.

Despite the drama being slightly mediocre thank goodness I watched just the last few episodes! Those shows aside, my favourite role Ariel has taken on so far has been for Huang Rong in Legend of the Condor Heroes. Ariel has these bright intelligent eyes that makes her perfect for playing very smart and wily characters like Huang Rong.

feng shao and ariel lin dating

I loved the story of this series. This unlikely pair makes me smile and makes my heart swoon just as much as Joe Cheng and all his kisses do! I keep replaying the episode near the end when Huang Rong and Guo Jing are finally reunited after a year apart.

She does things people may misunderstand but her goal is actually to help the people she cares about, even if it may hurt her or cause her harm. In general, I think Huang Rong is just a great fictional heroine, and Ariel Lin just really gave justice to her.

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But a real-life cop could well lose his life over the wrong expression. In Youth, directed by Feng Xiaogang Aftershock, and scripted by prominent novelist Yan Geling, is a drama about the members of a cultural troupe and it spans to the s.

On how he chooses his projects, Huang says: He will be shooting a TV series about start-ups and China's so-called "ma nong" a reference to programmers as coding peasants. It is probably not a coincidence that so many of them played debonair princes and heroes who win hearts as they fight their battles.

Palace was one of the time-travelling period drama hits ofwith Yang Mi's Luo Qingchuan caught between Feng's eighth prince and Mickey He's fourth prince. The following year, Feng appeared in five movies, including fantasy action film Painted Skin: In the perilous game of thrones that was Nirvana In FireWang plays Xiao Jingyan, an overlooked prince who becomes a key contender for the position of emperor.

The series reportedly had five billion views on online video platform iQiyi alone. Even in the ensemble action flick Railroad Tigers that starred Jackie Chan, Wang stood out as a cool sharpshooter. He can currently be seen in the mystery thriller, The Devotion Of Suspect X, based on Keigo Higashino's novel, which was previously turned into the hit Japanese film, Suspect X Wang plays a genius physicist who is roped in to solve a crime. Meanwhile, Lin was quietly stealing hearts as the dashing 14th prince and went home with several best newcomer awards, including one at the Sohu TV Drama Awards.

The Demons Strike Back He landed his first leading role in Legend Of Lu Zhen as a prince who becomes the love of the titular female prime minister. He had a lead role in the coming-of-age comedy drama, Who Sleeps My Broreprising the role of Lin Xiangyu that he played in the Web series released earlier that year.

feng shao and ariel lin dating

He has a supporting role as the brother of the traumatised protagonist played by Ariel Lin in The Mysterious Family, which is currently in cinemas.

He will also be seen in the upcoming star-studded blockbuster, The Founding Of An Army, which marks the 90th anniversary of the founding of the People's Liberation Army.