Is nikki reed and kellan lutz dating

is nikki reed and kellan lutz dating

This time it involves Twilight starlet Nikki Reed and husband/ former Reed's fellow stars including Ashley Greene, Kellan Lutz, Peter They met in March , dated for a short while, then got married in October of that year. Kellan Lutz dished to ET's Katie Krause about his Twilight co-stars, and [ Stewart] and even Nikki [Reed], they like doing stuff private," Lutz shared. EXCLUSIVE: Kellan Lutz Says He 'Never Dated' Miley Cyrus, Is 'So. Kellan Lutz and Nikki Reed photos, news and gossip. Find out more about.

It charted on both the United Kingdom and U.

is nikki reed and kellan lutz dating

Robert and Twigs were often spotted out together by the paparazzi, and seemed very much in love. However, the couple never seemed to get around to setting a wedding date. Then, last October, Twigs and Pattinson mysteriously parted ways.

is nikki reed and kellan lutz dating

The cause of the break-up was shrouded in conflicting reports. Twigs dumped RPatz for another manreportedly model Brieuc Breitenstein.

Then came the reports that Pattinson had been seen canoodling with his long-time friend, Katy Perryin January of this year.

Nikki Reed Splits With Husband: Are Twilight Stars Relationships Doomed?

He played the third lead in what was then the hottest movie franchise in the world as the sensitive teenage werewolf, Jacob Black. He had a large fan base of Twihards, which included Stephenie Meyer-- the author of the Twilight books herself-- who thought that his performance as Jacob was fantastic. To top it all off, he even briefly dated Taylor Swift. What a difference a mere six years makes. Today Lautner is mostly known as the former A-lister who flopped worse than a goldfish expiring in a kitty kibble bowl.

He does mostly television and small indies now, and his last screen credit is from the Fox series Scream Queens-- which was cancelled a year ago. On paper, Abduction looked good. On the screen, however, it was a disaster.

is nikki reed and kellan lutz dating

Critics savaged the film as a mindless vehicle crafted to showcase a talentless pretty boy. Rightly or wrongly, that assessment seems to have stuck to Lautner like Silly String on a Velcro tab. What's next for the former hirsute heart-throb? Maybe a stint behind the camera, as his IMdb entry lists a producer credit as his only upcoming project. He's appeared in a huge number of big and small screen productions since he started his career-- inadvertently-- as an extra in a Diana Ross music video, way back in Birmingham had originally planned to work in chemical engineering-- he has a Bachelor of Science degree from the prestigious University of Southern California in Los Angeles.

He was bitten hard by the acting bug during that fateful Diana Ross video, however, and he made the decision to drop his office job for acting-- a move that has worked out spectacularly well for the Texas-born Commanche. One of his early roles was playing Conan the Barbarian at the Universal Studios theme park near Hollywood-- a job that leveraged his brawny body-builder form as well as his acting skills.

He laughs about it today, and jokes that he's probably featured in a lot of family vacation photos from the era. The job gave him a lot of freedom to pursue acting work and attend auditions, he told The Fresno Bee in Far from being embarrassed about his time as Conan, he sees the stint as an example of a door opening for him and giving him the courage to walk through it. He's also a well-known Ford model, who appeared in the campaign for Calvin Klein's men's underwear, which showed off Lutz's impressively buffed form in skin-tight skivvies.

His fans were delighted. In his private life, Lutz seems to be a lot more low-key than Emmett Cullen. Last November, Lutz surprised his fans with his hush-hush wedding to television host Brittany Gonzales, as reported later by Brides magazine.

The nuptials were first announced with little fanfare on Instagram, when the couple posted pictures of their new rings. The duo gave no details or even a date, except the information that the happy event took place close to Thanksgiving.

It took Lutz and his new wife two months to post wedding photos, and again Instagram was their choice for releasing the pictures. The wedding obviously took place at a tropical, beachy location, but the couple did not reveal the specific location.

It was very private. No one would accuse this happy couple of oversharing. Like her new hubby, Gonzales is also model. We hope the newlyweds have a great life. However, there's always a skunk at the picnic, and inPattinson received relationship advice from a very vocal but unlikely source: At the time, Trump was still on television, hosting the long-running reality series The Apprentice and was also in charge of the Miss Universe beauty pageant.

Taking to his beloved Twitter account, Trump tweeted that Pattinson should dump Stewart after photos of her surfaced with another man. Be smart, Robert," Trump added.

The future occupant of Pennsylvania Avenue also tried to get RPatz to sign up for an appearance on the Miss Universe pageant show. Perhaps Trump thought that the contestants would be more interested in meeting the star than in winning the contest. There's no record that Pattinson responded to the invitation. Of course, eventually the celebrated couple did go their separate ways.

Twihards still hope for a reunion and a lot of folks would like to see Trump rendered speechless-- for once-- if they ever got back together. It's a role that provided her with plenty of exposure, which has resulted in a very busy screen career. She's been a critics' darling since she was a mere 12, when she got a Tony award nomination in for her role in the Broadway production High Society. In the first Pitch Perfect film, she performed the mega-hit song "Cups".

The song was on the lips of middle school girls everywhere for at least a year.

is nikki reed and kellan lutz dating

She came back for two more installments of the Pitch Perfect saga, with the last one debuting in We can't wait to see what she wears for her inevitable Oscar win. He's appeared in hits like Light's Out on the big screen and in small screen shows like 24, Fringe, and Star Trek: He also played the lead role in the short-lived but critically acclaimed JJ Abrams series, Revolution.

Like a lot of Twilight cast members, Burke is an accomplished musician as well as a successful actor. To Twihards, however, he'll always be Charlie Swan, the well-intentioned but perpetually befuddled single dad of Bella and the chief of police for the small town of Forks, Washington.

Breaking Dawn Part 2 premiere: Cheeky Kellan Lutz gets flirty with Nikki Reed and Ashley Greene

Burke feels privileged for getting the role of Charlie and even thinks that it's made him a better father to his daughter, who has the improbable name of Bluesy LaRue Burke. He said that he thought that Bella has an "old soul" and that he hoped his daughter would grow up to be the same.

It took 36 hours of hair treatments to turn dark brunette Nikki into fair-haired Rosalie. However, she was already an established Hollywood "name" before that. She was just a precocious year-old at the time. Thirteen is a memoir of Reed's troubled, substance-and-carousing-soaked middle school years. Wood played Tracy, the character based on Reed's childhood, while Reed played another role. Despite the critical acclaim and award attention for Thirteen, the actress has mixed feelings about the movie today.

She regrets the unflattering way that it portrayed her parents, among other things. She's especially regretful about her father being depicted as a "totally vacant careless schmuck," according to an interview with Zooey Magazine a few years ago.

So it's no surprise that inStewart was named the highest paid actress in Hollywood by Forbes magazine. Nice work if you can get it. However, for Personal Shopper, she got some of the best acting reviews in her career, so there's that. Twilight gave her what is known as "FU money" in the industry, so she can afford to pick and choose.

20 Crazy Secrets About The Cast Of Twilight | ScreenRant

Karate Kid Before turning to acting, Lautner thought he might have had a career as a martial arts expert. He started training in karate when he was a six-year-old-- and he was very good at it. He was good enough to achieve black belt status by the age of eight, and good enough to train with Michael Chaturantabut, the founder of Xtreme Martial Arts, a martial arts discipline that combines gymnastics and tumbling with traditional moves.

Lautner won several junior world championships, too.

is nikki reed and kellan lutz dating

He competed for the title of Grand Champion and won-- that's one tough kid. It was while Lautner was training with Chaturantabut in Los Angeles that he first thought of trying acting. Other television roles followed, including voiceovers for animated cartoons.

Nikki Reed Splits With Husband: Are Twilight Stars Relationships Doomed? · Guardian Liberty Voice

Throughout his early career, Lautner showed extreme determination by commuting often between Los Angeles and his native Michigan, while keeping up with school, martial arts camp, football, and auditions.

The hard-working actor is currently experiencing a lull in his career, but he definitely has the determination and focus to get back on track, which we hope he does.

Team Edward or Team Jacob? There was actually more hysteria about the choice than about the real-life smackdown between supporters of Team Anniston and Team Jolie over Brad Pitt.

The website Twilight Guide posted pro's and con's for each sideand a Cleveland, Ohio news portal spoke for many non-fans when they ran a headline that screeched: In a slide show that appeared on Access Online at the time, stars like Jennifer Love Hewitt, Will Farrell, and Jimmy Kimmel gave their opinions on the "Team" controversy, some of which they'd probably like to forget.

Kimmel declined to declare an allegiance, claiming it was "racist" what? Demi Lovato refused to pick a side as well. Meanwhile, Kellan was in high spirits at the packed event. The year-old hunk looked handsome in a grey checked shirt over a white T-shirt, both paired with jeans. The duo larked about as they lapped up the limelight Looking good: Nikki looked pretty in a dusty pink oversized top paired with black waxed wet look trousers and stilettos for the outing Signing their lives away: The couple took time to chat to fans as they signed autographs Nikki and Kellan are on the promotional trail after Robert recently travelled to Australia and Kristen to Japan to promote the film.

They have since returned to Los Angeles and reunited on Thursday night - by attending a Prince concert in Hollywood. The couple were spotted making an exit from the Sayers Club following the gig, covering their faces as they jumped into an SUV. The lovely stars also posed for photos with their adoring fans Chatty: Kellan chatted away to photographers during the event Thirsty work: Nikki made sure she kept hydrated throughout the day with plenty of water True to the lyrics of Prince's hit Kiss, the pair did indeed get some 'extra time' - both had effectively gained a day having returned to American soil from their trips to Japan and Australia.

But despite being jet lagged, the couple headed straight out for a date night. Both had arrived back to Los Angeles earlier in the day; Pattinson, 26, has been in Australia for the past few days while Kristen, 22, was in Japan - both promoting their upcoming film, Twilight:

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