Laura hackett and jonas park dating

Laura Hackett: The Kansas City IHOP worship leader with a much praised album - Laura Hackett

laura hackett and jonas park dating

Check out Grateful Love (feat. Laura Hackett Park) by Forerunner Music & Jonas Park on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on. Misty Edwards, Laura Hackett Park, Jaye Thomas, Jon Thurlow, Jonas Park, Jus in December , "All Cry Glory" is the 11th live Onething album to date. Jaye Thomas, Jon Thurlow, Jonas Park, Laura Hackett Park David Bollmann, Jonas Park, Justin Rizzo, Laura Hackett Park, Sammie Lee, Sarah Edwards.

But the songs that really stay with us are the ones that feel authentic and real. As a worship leader I think that the best way to lead a congregation is to be personally engaged with the Lord and lead by that example. People want to listen to and engage with music that is clearly from the heart of the songwriter.

By just talking to Jesus about my life and using the truth in His Word to get to know who He is, I find that the creativity is unlimited because I am talking to the most creative powerful Man in the Universe.

He is always alive with fresh ideas and revelation to encourage us. Where are you currently leading and how does that weave into what you do as an artist? That means any time day or night you can come in and worship Jesus and pray with a full team of singers, musicians and intercessors.

We do a lot of spontaneous worship where we ask the Holy Spirit to lead us, and we have a little format where we can make up the songs and choruses on the spot.

It can be messy sometimes, but it is the most exhilarating thing to sing to the Lord and hear His voice together as a worship team and respond with melodies and phrases from the Bible.

It teaches me to really ask the Lord about a subject in the Bible or prayer request and then to learn how to use the gift of music to communicate and describe what I feel the Lord directing. If there was one word of advice I had for people it would be: As a creative, a woman, a daughter of God, and now as a wife, what do you feel your passion and calling is in the music industry today?

I have a passion for people to invite the Lord into their every day lives. When He fought to the death so that we could spend eternity with Him, even when we were His enemies, how much more does He want to interact and encourage us when we have been reconciled?

laura hackett and jonas park dating

You can hear a sermon that someone says and maybe remember half of a sentence they said, but you can go to a concert and go away singing a few of the songs! There is so much truth that people can receive through songs! I want to keep writing songs that hopefully the Lord will use to draw people to Himself. I love to write and would love to write songs for other artists to sing as well. And lastly, how can our readers connect with you? Yes, I have just launched a website, www.

Thank you so much Laura, for taking the time to chat with us! We're praying over your album and the lives we know will be moved towards Jesus by hearing it. You'll receive one email a week, with an occasional two a week. In every relationship you hit those rough moments where you're like, 'Can we keep going?

Can we do this? Explained Laura, "I wrote that one for a friend of mine who had a vocal injury - couldn't sing for a while, and was feeling the attack of the enemy against worshippers. He always wants to silence the worshippers, whether it be through jealousy, comparison, sickness, there's always that battle to keep lifting your voice before the Lord. That song came inspired for my friend, but also out of that place of wanting to press through and lift your voice before the Lord, because it matters - the gift of sound, the authority he's given us in our voices and our words.

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  • Laura hackett and jonas park dating
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I love that song, and I love the way we produced it: I think it's so musically engaging, it makes twists and turns you're not expecting. All these songs are so connected to my heart right now: I sing these songs to myself, and I have for a couple years now. I love the intro we did into it - 'The fear of the Lord is my treasure'. I really wanted to start off the message of the album saying, 'What the Lord says about me when he sees me is the most important thing in my life'.

It's kind of the theme of my life right now that I'm really wanting to focus in on, the plumb-line in my life.

Laura Hackett Park Gets Married & Releases New Album "Love Will Have Its Day" : News : Hallels

Other people, they love me, they hate me - it's what you say that defines my life. They both had a real similar testimony: All this activity was happening around them - living creatures and angels - but all they could see was him. When they would look at him, the light would wash over them like waves with love and acceptance and joy and peace.

I was so moved by these testimonies that I went and wrote that song. So every time I hear it I feel that excitement of seeing the Lord resurrected in Heaven someday - to imagine that he's smiling at me and shining and loving me, that light washing over me. It takes my heart to a place of encounter.

laura hackett and jonas park dating

A highly publicised murder trial revolving around an IHOP home group is shortly to begin and an article in Rolling Stone magazine attempted to portray the whole IHOP movement as some kind of strange brainwashing cult. I asked Laura what she thought when she read the Rolling Stone piece. She responded, "I actually have not read it all the way through. I started to read it, and in this season it was just like, 'What?

laura hackett and jonas park dating

I'm not on the outside, but I don't get why people get so frustrated against House Of Prayer: We're just loving Jesus, trying to love people. We're totally blowing it - we're weak men and women - but so is everyone.

Laura Hackett: The Kansas City IHOP worship leader with a much praised album

You don't go to a ministry where they don't make mistakes. I guess I don't have tons of thoughts about what other people are saying.

It's been hurtful; it's hard not to take it personally. That's actually what the Lord's been speaking to me about, and why I wanted to start the album saying it's the fear of the Lord that's my treasure; his eyes are looking on me, and he's smiling and he's proud of me - not because of my own works, but because I'm in Christ.

That makes all the difference: Laura commented, "I don't know. Different people leave IHOP for different reasons.

laura hackett and jonas park dating

We're pretty open-handed in that way; that's where it's totally not a cult: You don't even have to love the Lord to recognise it.