Liz and ariana dating nathan

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liz and ariana dating nathan

On October 7th, less than two weeks after it was confirmed Ariana was dating Nathan Sykes, Jai accussed Ariana of cheating on him with Nathan. He claimed. Back in August, Elizabeth even said that a reboot or reunion isn't out of the question. Ariana Grande has also said a reunion needs to happen. Nathan Kress, Elizabeth Gillies and Matt Bennett are guest starring on Jump,” when Sam (Jennette McCurdy) meets Cat's (Ariana Grande).

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Nathan Sykes

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liz and ariana dating nathan

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liz and ariana dating nathan

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liz and ariana dating nathan

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When Ariana and Liz were both 15 years old they both starred in the hit Broadway musical They were two out of only three cast members who were not recast. During this time, they shared a dressing room. They acted silly and stupid together and were referred to by the director as, "the kids. Both girls love the musical Next To Normal and made a video of themselves singing along and watching a tape of it.

On many Ustreams, Ariana does her impression of Liz's performance during the number "Getting Ready" in 13 the musical in which they both starred.

liz and ariana dating nathan

In an interview with Popstar! Ariana says "I would get myself a little house. We Liz get our own little house, together. So that we'd have another house in another place.

Liz once said in a livestream that Ariana doesn't giggle like Cat Valentine or sound like her when she talks and Ariana agrees. It is shown in Matt Bennett 's July video that they were hanging out together on set.

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On yfrog, Liz posted a picture of Ariana sleeping and says "This is what I woke up next to," and they slept next to each other, but on separate little mattresses on the floor. They have a lot of sleepovers together. They were seen getting frozen yogurt together. Neither of them have eaten catfish before.

They were spotted getting their driving license permits together, they also both tweeted about it later. Liz performed for Ariana and helped her cut her cake at Ariana's 18th birthday party. They went as each other's Victorious characters for Halloween.

Ariana as Jade and Liz as Cat.

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Ariana tweeted "Happy birthday to one of my best friends on the planet. I love and adore you, LizGillies. In an interview with Popstar, Liz said that she'd never gone shopping with anyone in the cast but that she'd like to with Ariana sometime in the future.

According to a video Ariana made Liz eat her first blackberry not the phone, the berrybut she didn't seem to like it. Ariana called Liz 'Lizzykins' in a tweet.