Love in the wild chase and summer dating game

Exclusive: Summer Mack talks about her 'Love in the Wild' experience (Part 2) - Reality TV World

love in the wild chase and summer dating game

Stories about Looking for Love and Finding Fairytale Romance! Don't refuse to go on an occasional wild goose chase— that's what wild geese are for. of the busy bakery and bistro where I was working one summer as a waitress. May 20, It must be tough for actors to find love. They're always away Kit Harington and Rose Leslie (Jon Snow and Ygritte in Game of Thrones) Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson (Seth and Summer in The OC) . To pour salt on the wound, Cameron and Chase kept dating and even got married in the finale. Jun 12, Love In The Wild So I found myself yearning for some more gossip and there is nothing better than finding out if couples are still together from dating shows. Wild'? Summer and Chase are now living together from Season 2.

I mean they do always do a scary date on The Bachelor and the couple always seem closer afterwards. Maybe this is something that the world is missing out on-the mixture of sweat and danger makes for true love…or does it? So here comes the complicated bit. The first episode introduces ten women and ten men.

They all then pair off into the first couples of the series.

love in the wild chase and summer dating game

The couples then compete in challenges to test their strengths as a couple. If they come first they have a romantic night in the beautiful Oasis mansion with pool and shower.

Then they all go into an elimination ceremony. Each couple gets to choose whether they would like to stay with their partner or whether they would like to swap and be with someone else.

Exclusive: Summer Mack talks about her 'Love in the Wild' experience (Part 1) - Reality TV World

If one person chooses to be with someone else and gets rejected they then go into the elimination zone. If they remain unchosen in the elimination zone, they go home. You can imagine how much drama is caused when one part of a couple wants to swap and the other half is totally unaware. Ok so instead of taking you through all the different partnerships in all the different series I am going to dish the gossip on the important ones i. If we see each other once every few months, it might not be enough to really build on something.

So, I think that being on the show kind of did prepare us for that, because we learned how to communicate well and how we'd live together and what each person needed to feel a sense of fulfillment in our relationship so that we could make it work outside of that bubble that we were in. It seemed to prepare us pretty well, because we were able to communicate on the phone through great conversations, and it kind of fills in the gaps of when we can't see each other.

Where do you see yourself being with Chase a few years or maybe even five years from now? Is marriage or anything like that in your future plans? You know, one of the things I mentioned on the show when they asked us about who's most ready to be married and have kids, and I said, "Both," it was a total dodo answer, but I really had a hard time picking either one of those because we have had that conversation.

And we both talked about what our five-year plans were, and I felt like they were pretty solid on both ends on what we were both looking for in the next five years. We both wanted to be married and on the way to having kids. So, for me, we have had that conversation and I think that's where we both see ourselves. And if things continue to progress the way that they are and the way that they have been, you know, and if we stay positive, I could definitely see that in the future for us at some point.

But it's still hard to guess so far out, so I think for now, we're just taking it day by day and enjoying this experience and enjoying the show and our new friends and kind of going with it as it comes.

Laughs Reality TV World: Ben seemed to think your relationship was mainly friendly and that you two just thrived on the competition together. You both didn't really argue his point to a great extent, so why was that? Did you feel like you didn't owe them an explanation because you simply knew what you and Chase had, or at that time, did you not blame them for thinking that based on how you had interacted together in front of them? Yeah honestly, I just think that we didn't concern ourselves with what Ben and Michelle thought of us.

There's certain people in your life that their opinions matter to you -- my family and my really close friends. It really matters to me what they think about the person that I'm dating and I'm spending my time with, but Ben and Michelle and their opinions of us were completely irrelevant to me.

And for me to spend the time and energy defending what Chase and I had to people like that, it was just not something that I wanted to focus on while I was there.

I had another focus, and that was hanging out with Chase and building on what we had. I wasn't going to validate that mentality of building -- like Ben and Michelle building themselves up by trying to tear Chase and I down.

I don't think that that's nice, and you know, we were kind of labeled as the competitive couple. But I would rather be labeled competitive than catty any day of the week, and we're very like-minded when it comes to things like that and I think we stay really classy and true to ourselves and we just didn't want to go there with them. It wasn't worth our time. Did you two have any ill feelings towards Ben when you left the show, and do you have any now?

Oh no, I don't have any ill feelings. I mean, you know, my time is spent bonding with the people that I thought were going to be good friends of mine once I left. We had a very tight bond with Ken and Yanina, and I think towards the end of the show, that started to play out and we're still great friends with them.

So, there are certain people that you have that are like-minded and that you get along well with, and then other people that you're friendly with but you just don't see having that close of a friendship with.

Exclusive: "Chase" Aaron Chase talks about his 'Love in the Wild' experience (Part 1)

And so, for us, there were no ill feelings, and for me, there was no ill will towards Ben. It's just a different approach to how you're going to interact with other people and how you're going to interact with other couples, and it just isn't an approach I take, because I don't feel like I have a lot in common with him.

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And you know, we're just very different people. I wish them, Ben and Michelle, all the best. They're just so different from us it's just kind of hard to find a common ground.

I know you said you and Chase didn't really care what Ben and Michelle thought of your relationship, but Ben seemed to think you didn't have much of a romantic connection mainly because you weren't very affectionate with each other and things like that.

So just to clarify, were you two just not affectionate in public or would you say at that point you two just weren't really comfortable being affectionate in general? Yeah, I think that there are different levels of affection, and I think that each couple has to go on what they feel comfortable with.

love in the wild chase and summer dating game

On my end, after knowing a guy for two weeks, I'm not comfortable making out with him and being touchy-feely. And I wouldn't be like that in my normal life, so I didn't feel like I wanted to compromise how I am in my normal life just because I'm on TV. I'm there to be myself and I want somebody to respect me for my boundaries. And when I'm just getting to know somebody and I'm just getting to know a guy, in the past, two or three weeks into it, we're just kind of now having our first kiss and now kind of progressing at that point.

I just felt like it was really important to be true to that. Just because I was in a different environment, I wasn't going to change who I was. I talked about that with Chase and he really respected that, and that made me feel really comfortable, and you know, I was able to progress the relationship at a rate I felt comfortable. And I feel like most women probably would, and I think that, with Ken and Yanina, they had a different dichotomy with their relationship because they were starting so early on being together.

Chase and I didn't really find each other until halfway through the show.

Exclusive: Summer Mack talks about her 'Love in the Wild' experience (Part 1)

So, we had a bit of time that we didn't spend together and had we had that extra length of time, we may have been able to get to the point that Ken and Yanina were at. But as far as Ben and Michelle, I personally thought that they moved awfully quick and that's just not my style. So based upon the fact you're talking about how you and Chase had moved pretty slowly, would you say the dynamic of your relationship was a friendship that quickly grew into a romantic connection, or did you two automatically click and find that chemistry right off the bat but just chose to take it slow?

I mean, I think we automatically had a chemistry with each other, but I think it was on multiple levels. It wasn't just physical, and we chose to explore the other sides of our relationship and not just make it about hooking up, being touchy feely -- it was really about getting to know each other, because unless we laid that groundwork down when we were on the show, how are we going to make it work when we're on different coasts?