Marina and the diamonds makeup radioactive dating

Radioactive (Marina and the Diamonds song) - Wikipedia

marina and the diamonds makeup radioactive dating

See more. Marina and the Diamonds (this gif is too cool) Marina And The Diamonds, . radioactive // marina and the diamonds Tumblr Quotes, Lyric Quotes, Aesthetic Words, .. marina and the diamonds **** Marina And The Diamonds, Makeup Art, HeartSky FerreiraCosmetologyFashion KillaMariana Girl CrushesDecay. Marina Diamandis says her label has told her she looks "too ugly" in her new video. The latest Marina and the Diamonds video, originally due. "Radioactive" is a song by Welsh recording artist Marina and the Diamonds from the deluxe . Country, Date, Label, Format. Australia, 23 September

Check out the fun convo we had with Marina down below like dishing about what designer she would love to see send models down the runway to a mash-up of her jams, and her slightly surprising choice on her dream celebrity prom dateand be sure to check out the exclusive feature in the slideshow above!

(HD) Marina and the Diamonds - Radioactive (Digital Music Awards 03/10/2011)

What inspired you during the making of the record and what surprises can we expect? Marina and The Diamonds: Well, the album is called Electra Heart, with the main theme of it being love, but not in its typical form. And…I guess all the kind of books and movies I was seeing were actually by either American authors or American directors.

So there were like little bits, taken from all of that.

Marina Diamandis too 'ugly' in new video, according to her US label

Just a bit of a random question—if a mash up of all of your songs from your second album were to be cut, and compiled into a five-minute soundtrack for a designer runway show, what designer could you see sending models down the catwalk to your jams and why? He did that probably like three seasons ago, actually.

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It was very pretty, actually, which I really love, so possibly him or… SG: Henry Holland would be great! But yeah, I think Henry Holland, because he has that cutesy element as well, that I really love. How do you get that look? What are currently some of your other go-to beauty essentials right now?

Marina Diamandis too 'ugly' in new video, according to her US label | Music | The Guardian

Yeah, especially the eyeliners. So yeah—waterproof eyeliner to draw the hearts on my cheek and then the bubblegum pink lipstick, which is MAC, and then, I guess the MAC eyelashes. That sounds like a good mix of awesome stuff right there!

marina and the diamonds makeup radioactive dating

And you know what, you really have. When you say it, I see it—I see the video in my head, and it makes perfect sense. I love it all. They do work well with you. Yes, it was in my tiny town in South Wells. So it really tickles me see the Boots logo in America because I grew up with it. I love going into the Boots stores whenever I am in London. I used to get so many false eyelashes, but now I am not doing that so it would probably be nail varnish—you have really bright, amazing colors so I always get those.

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Who are your beauty icons? Are they British or American? Elizabeth TaylorSophia Loren, and my mom. I suppose in the modern world, I really like Angelina Jolie. She is undeniably beautiful. She always looked really cool.

marina and the diamonds makeup radioactive dating

Marina and the Diamonds How is your new album different from your previous work? The last record was very contemporary—fun pop, and electronic. This one is a lot more live, with more guitars on it. It is a quite shift in direction! What are you listening to right now? Who would you love to perform with?

Marina and the Diamonds Talks Beauty Icons, and Must-Have Makeup

What do you do to unwind after concerts and festivals and need to decompress? And also going on a bike ride. Disconnected from my phone and the Internet.