Minor attracted persons and dating

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minor attracted persons and dating

Many people on Twitter are up in arms about the new 'Minor Attracted Persons' Pride flag — but is anyone actually using it?. “Come In and Talk for a While” – Bringing Minor-Attracted Persons in From the Waiting Room. Restricted Date. CrossRef citations to date. 1 The present study compares community-based minor-attracted persons (MAPs) with and without histories of sexual activity with.

Like I said, I haven't hurt anyone. I am far from unique in this in MAA communities. The idea that MAAs cannot stop themselves from molesting children comes from studies of convict populations, by the way, not from any study of MAAs among the general population. Indeed, a great many locked up today for having sex with children did so without a preferential attraction to children, and simply have a predatory or violent mental state.

There have been scarce few studies of MAAs in the general population, for the simple reason we are afraid to out ourselves because the criminals have gotten all the press and made us all look bad. I must admit, that when I was younger and still coming to grips with my realization of my sexual orientation, I was afraid due to the prevailing belief that I would be unable to stop myself from hurting children, and this caused a great deal of distress.

I didn't want to hurt anyone, least of all children. It was only after I actually started talking to other MAAs that I came to the realization that the "pedophiles can't not molest" myth was exactly that, a myth. I was a good person before I realized what I was, and I remain a good person after. I have no less control over my sexual urges than you do.

I would ask you to carefully examine your own sexuality, and consider how many times you have been attracted to another adult you could not have sexual contact with, for one reason or another. Perhaps they're married and your morals preclude adultery.

minor attracted persons and dating

Perhaps they're just not into you. Perhaps they're a world famous celebrity and you don't have any way of ever meeting them. It is very commonplace for people to have sexual desires they cannot fulfill. Somehow, this does not result in chaos or a great deal of criminal activity. Is it really such a stretch that MAAs can cope with unfulfilled sexual desire as well as you teleiophiles?

Nonetheless, this myth does persist and does cause a great deal of distress among the MAA population. I have heard quite a few MAAs state that they would rather end their own lives than harm a child. More than a few, under the mistaken belief they have no option, do end their lives. This may be cause for celebration in some camps, another MAA bites the dust, but it is a preventable tragedy as none of these people so dedicated to protecting children from harm would ever actually harm a child.

I also take issue with the idea that any MAA classification is a paraphilia. The same exact thing was said about homosexuality not too long ago, and recently more mental health professionals and sexologists have been coming out in favor of the idea of pedophilia and other MAA classifications are in fact valid sexual orientations.

Just last July, an academic conference of many of these professionals was held at the University of Cambridge in England to discuss the matter in detail and concluded among other things that attraction to minors is "natural and normal for males" and "at least a sizeable minority of normal males would like to have sex with children". It's also worth noting that the American Psychological Association now considers attraction to minors as a disorder only if it causes harmful behavior or distress.

In other words, if a pedophile doesn't harm him or herself or anyone else, and is okay with their preferential interest in children, it's not a mental disorder.

REBRANDING PEDOPHILIA? New group calls them "MINOR ATTRACTED PERSONS" & Victims of discrimination!!!

DSM-5 rejected hebephilia as a sexual disorder as well though admittedly, does still include pedophilia. Furthermore, I would point out that while pedophilia, hebephilia, and ephebophilia have been widely practiced for the majority of human civilization, necrophilia and zoophilia have never really been widely accepted by societies anywhere as far as I know. It is a historical fact that wide differences in ages, particularly between men and young girls, was a reality for marriage in cultures around the world until very recently.

If such pairings were as commonplace and even seen as virtuous across all cultures for thousands of years, that surely lends at least some credence to the idea that it's not a perversion of the natural order. While I respect your right to have an opinion on the morality of such historical mating strategies, none of us would be here if not for those relationships you now call sickening.

I would like to discuss consent a bit more, as it's obviously at the root of a lot of concerns about MAAs, but this post is already quite long and running into the character limit. I'll have to get back to you on that after I've gathered a few more references to academic papers.

Last edited by MAA Guy on 5: There is a growing number of academics, researchers, clinicians, and minor-attracted persons discussing primary prevention and ways of supporting individuals to not act on their sexual interests in children see here for a recent example of a conference on prevention or here for an upcoming TED talk on prevention.

minor attracted persons and dating

The act of disclosure seems, to me, to be of central importance as we try to understand and develop ways to better support non-offending pedophiles. Having pedophilia is something that is inevitably difficult to disclose to others; on the other side, hearing that someone you know or love is attracted to children is likely difficult to hear. Yet, being supported by others and supporting non-offending pedophiles starts with the act of disclosure: Ultimately, I think that hearing stories by pedophilic individuals about their experiences with disclosure will help us better understand and support them.

This knowledge and these stories can apply to our personal lives, and if we happen to be a mental health professional, to our work with minor-attracted clients. This post presents an interview with Ender Wiggina non-offending pedophile, who kindly answered my questions about his experience with disclosing his sexual interest in children to people in his life.


You have disclosed your attraction to minors to a few people in your life. Who did you decide to disclose to? Why did you choose those individuals?

How did the disclosure conversations go? Before I found the VirPed community I had never told anyone about my issue and I thought this would be something I would take with me to the grave.

I just never thought it was even an option. When I discovered VirPed and started talking to other people like me, I discovered that many had been able to confide in loved ones, either relatives or close friends, and they had been accepted and supported. Many others had very negative experiences coming out to people.

After some time I made the hardest decision in my life and I came out to my wife with a letter. It was a very hard moment and while it was definitely a shock for her we had been married for over 10 years she has been incredibly understanding and supportive.

Being a pedophile can be very isolating.

The ‘Minor Attracted Persons’ Flag Appears to Be a Hoax to Connect LGBTQs with Pedophilia

The main reason I came out to my wife is because I felt guilty of keeping this secret from her. I felt that she deserved to know. This whole process since I discovered the VirPed community and the struggle of making the decision to come out was very emotionally exhausting and I fell into a depression. How has your relationship with these people changed? How have you navigated these changes? Is your minor-attraction part of ongoing conversations with these people?

This has been relatively recent. I came out to my wife about a year and a half ago. Since then things have been complicated but I believe it has brought us closer. This has allowed me to communicate with her at a deeper level and to share things that were related to my minor attraction that I was afraid to talk about before.

So all in all I think it has been a very positive development in our relationship. While talking about my minor attraction is not a pleasant thing, we do talk about it occasionally. She is aware of my involvement in the VirPed community, as well as my activities on Twitter and with my blog, and occasionally I share things that have happened related to some of these things.

minor attracted persons and dating

Stories of people that join the community, concerns for the well-being of members that have been missing for a while, documentaries about the topic of pedophilia, etc. Although I knew my priest prior to coming out to him, I have developed a much closer personal relationship with him. What have been the positives of disclosing your minor attraction to others?