Naruto shippuden tenten and neji dating

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naruto shippuden tenten and neji dating

Jul 3, "Neji?" Tenten twirled her kunai on her finger absentmindedly as the pair Though they had been dating for nearly three years, very few. Since Hinata ended up with Naruto, this would have meant that Hanabi would have been the match for Neji. However, as we know, Neji dies. Explora el tablero de Miss Bear "Neji & Tenten" en Pinterest. | Ver más ideas sobre Boruto, Naruto shippuden y Neji and tenten.

Deploy! Team Tenten

So to make up for the 10 missing kisses, this story is all about Kissing okay maybe not, but I promise you there is kissing. Lets see how many I can fit in. You guys are so awesome! Your wonderful reviews got me through the horror that is final exam season… so thank you thank you thank you all!!!

It's not quite the 10 missing kisses, but close enough, hope you like. And thanks for all the chapter reviews. It was customary that once each training session was completely, the entire team would meet up before parting ways to go home for the evening. They ARE beyond ridiculous. In reality, she was merely attempting to hide the rising color in her cheeks.

She turned from side to side checking to see that no one had seen them.

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Though they had been dating for nearly three years, very few people knew about the young couple's secret relationship. After Neji came up from the hole that he and Naruto created, Tenten is the only one who sighs in relief. She is very surprised when Neji gets taken down by Naruto.

naruto shippuden tenten and neji dating

He notices Tenten, who is out of breath from running. She tells him that Tsunade has returned and asks him to check it out with her.

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Neji apologizes, saying he's not interested. The two still work well as a team. Neji is immediately at Tenten's side.

naruto shippuden tenten and neji dating

During their fight with Kisamethe three members was captured by Kisame's Water Prison. In the anime, Neji immediately rushes over to Tenten after he breaks free. They are both seen afterwards, watching Guy fight Kisame while Neji's arm is still supporting Tenten. Neji helps Tenten In the anime, Neji notices that Tenten is at her limit and becomes concerned.

When Neji breaks out of his own sphere, he quickly rushes over to Tenten and helps her up. He holds her for a moment, asking if she's alright.

naruto shippuden tenten and neji dating

They both gaze at each other before Tenten thanks him. They are also both seen afterwards, watching Guy fight Kisame while Neji's arm is still supporting Tenten. Why did you leave me alone!? However, she is seen with sorrowful eyes and has a hand to her heart. She reaches out her hand to Neji and Lee after Guy tells Lee to stop crying. This hints that Tenten may have also hidden her emotions since they were in the middle of war.

After Neji's death in the manga, Tenten watches Guy 's hot-blooded actions. Thinking to herself that no good will come from being with her remaining teammates, Tenten asks Neji why he left her alone. In the anime, Tenten is shown to be more emotional by asking why Neji had left her.

naruto shippuden tenten and neji dating

She sheds a tear before saying she was never going to forgive him. When caught in the Infinite Tsukuyomi, Tenten dreams of more mature versions of Lee and Guy as well as Neji being alive. The anime shows an extended version of Tenten's dreamworld. Neji first appears by agreeing with Guy and Rock Lee and telling Tenten to open her eyes.

When Tenten first hears Neji in the Infinite Tsukuyomi, her eyes widen with disbelief and shock, saying it couldn't be possible. Since Neji is portrayed as a pervert but not like in Road To Ninja he often seems to be peeping at Tenten. He even comments that she needs to get better underwear.

naruto shippuden tenten and neji dating

Tenten quickly covers herself, crouching away from Neji. Later on, Tenten comments that the dreamworld had done a good job of making Neji, who replies by asking what that meant. After Tenten had told Neji and Lee to talk to her when hell freezes over, the rest of the group joins them. Shikamaru cheerfuly exclaims that Tenten must hate Neji.

Neji, hearing this, scowls and says that wasn't the problem. Ino and Choji comment which riles Neji up and demands if he was the problem. In jail, Tenten wonders about her situation, when Lee and Neji call out to her from the window. Neji activated his byakugan.

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He notes that Tenten seems to be in a dilemma.