Nick 13 and davey havok dating

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nick 13 and davey havok dating

Published: EST, 12 February | Updated: EST, 13 February Tom Dumont, Tony Kanal and Adrian Young - have recruited AFI's Davey Havok to front the new untitled project. . Billboard · Global Release Date | Music Sales Measurement | Nielsen NBA star Nick Young investigated by police after. The name "Nick 13" dates back to the early 90's, coming from Nick's first Nick 13 grew up in Ukiah, CA and met Geoff Kresge, Davey Havok. David Paden Marchand (born November 20, ), known professionally as Davey Havok, Davey Havok. From Wikipedia, the free .. Nick Moncrieff-Hill ( February 2, ). "Body on the line". OCLC Retrieved May 13,

Stopholese suggested that his friend, Adam Carsonmight be able to fill the role of drummer because he owned a drum set.

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After high school, the band broke up when its members left for college. After gaining some popularity in their absence, AFI played a reunion show at the Phoenix Theater for several hundred fans. Following the good reception from the fans, they decided to reunite and record an album. Inthe band released Black Sails in the Sunsetwhich was the first album to include the current line-up: In the fall ofthey released the All Hallows EP.

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Inthey released The Art of Drowning to fair record sales. The group had toured with another band, Samhainon their reunion tour. However, Havok told an interviewer that he'd never leave AFI as it was his own band.

Inthe band's first major label release, Sing the Sorrowwas released, attaining great record sales.

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On June 6,Decemberunderground was released on Interscope Records. Havok, along with AFI, toured around the world. DecemberUnderground achieved Double Platinum status inhaving sold more than 2, copies worldwide. What Guitar setup does Nick 13 use? In this interview Nick said: Live, Nick normally plays a Gretsch Duo Jet '57 reissue although he does have a real one at home through one or more Fender Tone Master amp heads and 2x12" speaker cabinets. Various vintage analog delay and chorus pedals are used as well, although these tend to rotate a bit.

nick 13 and davey havok dating

On the recording of III: Additional guitar parts were often done with various combinations of pre-CBS Fender amps.

What Bass setup does Jeff Roffredo use? She's provided years of trusty tone knock on wood, literallyshe could use some cosmetic attention now. I have tried many strings, gut, steel, and nylon.

nick 13 and davey havok dating

I've been using Rotosounds for the past few years, I like the feel, you can get a nice round tone out of them, and they last a long time!

Tuning is standard, sometimes a half step down Eb. What other releases has Nick 13 appeared on? Nick has also done back up vocals on the following albums: Where Can I get Interpunk and Amazon are good sources.

nick 13 and davey havok dating

Current vinyl can be ordered from Interpunk. For out of print versions, your best bet is ebay. HMV Japan sells them tho shipping costs a fortune, I've found them cheaper on ebay T shirts and other merch? Try Tiger Army's Web store at Cinderblock for the largest selection, also Interpunk carries some and Hot Topic sometimes carries exclusive designs.

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How did the meeting with Morrissey come about? Tiger Army, all Morrissey fans, had planned a rare live performance of his song "The Loop" as a birthday tribute, not expecting him to actually be in attendance! He met with the band after the show and was extremely cool, kindly posing for a picture. What is "Annabel Lee" based on? This song was clearly influenced by the Poem of the same name by Edgar Allen Poe.