Nostalgia chick and todd in the shadows dating service


nostalgia chick and todd in the shadows dating service

At, Lindsay Ellis was best known as The Nostalgia Lindsay announced in January that she would be leaving the site early in the The character had romantic feelings for ToddInTheShadows, though the she had an awkward date with ThatGuyWithTheGlasses as The Nostalgia Critic. Media/inquries: [email protected] . One of the great perks of dating the Nostalgia Chick is I get to help pick what she reviews. Episode Number, Name, Summary, Date Released .. Special, Captain America, Team Nostalgia Chick, ToddInTheShadows and Obscurus Lupa sit down to.

After the contest, in which Lindsay performed what will go down in history books as the most amazing blowjob of all time, Lindsay thedudette was crowned the winner and new "Nostalgia Chick". Unfortunately for Lindsay, she had been told by the higher ups that she was to create lighthearted comedic reviews, and not Feminist critiques or hit pieces, and so for this job, Lindsay would be required to don a persona.

Since Lindsay had that girl-next-door look and was forced to suppress her real self and write jokes that weren't about the wage gap or manspreading, she ended up becoming quite popular on Channel Awesome, though at one point, she couldn't hold her inner feminist in check any longer and wrote an episode involving a Rapping Rapistwhich she was forced to take down due to complaints. In one case a loyal fan decided to send her his very special work of artand she quickly pondered quitting the internet.

Bhargav Dronamraju Lindsay stalker During this period Lindsay entered into relationships with two men. Since it was likely his first time banging a white girl he decided to boast of his sexual accomplishments to his fellow Producers and others in CA.

nostalgia chick and todd in the shadows dating service

That a low-caste brown man might make light of her generous donation of high-born white poon shocked Lindsay, and she broke off the relationship immediately. In retaliation, the Producer began stalking Lindsay and spread a vicious rumor that she was a loosey goosey and would sleep with anyone, a rumor that still persists to this day. Who, at the possibility of average white girl pussy immediately shed all inner will and ego and became an omega male, directly controlled by Lindsays pussy.

The relationship ended years later after Lindsay realized she could get him to pay rent, clean her up after her benders and dispose of her bloodied tampons without even needing to use the lure of sex anymore. He now merely spends his time telling everyone how fighting GamerGate was his greatest life accomplishment, while he drowns out the sound of Lindsay getting pounded from behind in the next room with his piano.

The loss of income was palpable and forced her to resort to seeking out work in other places as an editor for Al JazeeraTOR Books and 4Kids entertainment, as well as a writer for TheMarySue.

By this time, Lindsay had fully embraced the tentacles of the social media SJW juggernaunt, which allowed her to network into jobs as these, and now runs Patreons both for her basically defunct website, as well as one for her personal use. It goes without saying, telling her or any of her friends about you supporting GamerGate, SadPuppies or anything counter to the aims of the narcissistic SJW elite ie: Lindsay fully supports the use of blockbots and comment thread locking and deletion in order to promote a critique free and Safe Space from anyone that might think that anything she shits out is not pure gold.

Lindsay at the Therapist These days you'll find her desperately trying to cling to relevancy with her Feminist critiques on various websites, as well as attempting to keep the money rolling in by re-uploading all of her old Nostalgia Chick videos to youtube.

nostalgia chick and todd in the shadows dating service

She also regularly visits a therapist, likely for anxiety from liberal marijuana and alcohol abuse for being the most piss poor weak ass fainting feminist on the face of the earth. She also has a BIG thing for Tom Hardy, like she probably flicks the bean to him all the time, she'd probably never date a white guy, since it may make her redneck parents sigh with relief, a rape wouldn't be out of the question though, as long as you look like Tom Hardy.

Since being a staunch Feminist, only through Rape would Lindsay allow the foul touch of the White Male; likely her secret sexual fetish. God, I'm so sick of the racial profiling! What race are you, anyway? Don't worry about it.

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Backfires slightly when he tries to explain during his "Gangnam Style" review that he reviews pop music, not Internet memes. While admitting the running gag has been run into the ground, he confirmed that he is not of black ethnicity in his " This is America " review.

nostalgia chick and todd in the shadows dating service

I'm a lot of other things, but not black. Made a guest appearance on Atop the Fourth Wall when Linkara reviewed two KISS comics, and previously, was among the contributors who sang AT4W's theme in the th episode where somewhat appropriately, he was immediately before Lupa Threatened Nash's stick figure over Obscurus Lupa. And later, in her review of The Little Mermaidignoring the Chick's pleas of going out with him; and in Grease 2 getting a makeover from The Makeover Fairy.

Gets an e-mail with the Chick and her co-horts doing a Moulin Rouge!

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Appeared a few times on Vampire Reviewsgiven Elisa lives next to Lindsay. For instance, he was requested how out-of-date Queen of the Damned was in making Lestat a Nu Metal rocker, and was included in Maven's attempt at a Monster Mash.

Nostalgia Chick

Can't Hold His Liquor: Todd takes one sip of beer during his review of "If I Die Young" and says: Don't usually drink beer. Someone get me a Mike's Hard Lemonade? Actually, Mike's and beer have the same alcohol content. It's a joke based on the perception of Mike's as 'girly beer'. His venom is really intense.

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As the page quote shows, he really does enjoy pop music it started when the only stations he could get in his car were either Classic Rock or Top 40 "and I didn't want to listen to "More Than a Feeling" ten times a day"but feels the need to criticize the absolute worst.

According to Jesus in the "Just a Kiss" review. Todd dons a black one for public appearances, both in a full version when wearing his hoodie, where only the bottom of his nose and lips are visible, and what looks like a more casual half version that only covers his nose and up. Possibly just to throw on quick for the ever-present vlog coverage the meetups entail. Dark Is Not Evil: His very name is Todd in the Shadowshe does all his videos in the dark, and he spends most of them raging.

SPECIAL: "Burlesque"

Yet while he's about as snarky as it gets before getting into Yahtzee territory, he's also pretty clearly a good, decent guy. Todd grudgingly admits defeat in hating her. Distracted by the Sexy: Allegedly why he obscures himself. When he tries to escape from the prospect of chick flicks, The Nostalgia Chick tapes him to a chair to a hit on him and b make him watch it with her. Later, she's apparently abducted him several times to try and make him love her.

Does Not Like Shoes: On the occasions when his whole body is seen he is barefoot. You can tell he really wants to express how he feels to Lupa, but is unable to do, unless he's drunk. Too bad he calls Lord Kat instead.

Nostalgia chick and todd in the shadows dating imitate

On the other hand, Todd ignores when The Nostalgia Chick tries to get his attention. In a funny way.

Even Nerds Have Standards: Linkara's invitation to do a joint review with Todd led to him spending the entire review laughing at the idea of reviewing a comic book. Once he finally stopped laughing at the very end of the review, he happily accepted the invitation.

And again in the ET review, where several other contributors show up to mock his taste in music. While vilifying Peter Cetera yet again in his Top 10 Worst Hit Songs ofhe makes it clear that he doesn't hate all similar soft rock acts.

Phil CollinsBryan Adamsand Richard Marx are fine by his book, but he stops just short of praising Michael Bolton along with the others though still admits that he's better than Peter Cetera. While reviewing Nick Jonas 's "Jealous", he becomes very concerned when the chorus includes the line "it's my right to be hellish" and calls it creepy and possessive.

Other than being a terrible rhyme, he thinks there could have been a better line other than that one. Apparently, this is because when he began making videos, he was a newspaper reporter and was planning on getting a job teaching public school, and wanted to avoid professional repercussions; when the show took off instead, he kept the gimmick since it was already in place. In public appearances such as conventions and crossovershe is on the light, but wears the Cool Mask mentioned above.

Toyed with in some videos shot by other producers. At times when he isn't wearing his mask like on the Channel Awesome trip to Washington to meet with their elected officialshis face is edited out of the video by his friends. For those desperately curious, he appears in full view in several shots of Lindsay Ellis ' Epcot Drinking Challenge vlog, where neither makes any effort to conceal his face.