Rachel and finn real life dating games

Glee: 20 Things That Make No Sense About Finn And Rachel’s Relationship

rachel and finn real life dating games

The stage is set dating in finn and rachel real life were the introduction followed by an examination of the history of the Bolshevik socialist. Three months later, Lea isn't ready to get out there and start dating someone else . Double the pain: Lea's Rachel and Cory's Finn dated on the show as well . in New York City Actress is headlining a forthcoming Game of Thrones prequel .. James Middleton gives glimpse into his life in VERY candid. Consider advanced is rachel berry dating finn in real life programs that provide Monteith's real - life girlfriend who also stars as his TV love, Rachel Berry. . Online Avatar Dating Games High There Dating Site Dating Agency Cyrano Ost Full.

Coach Tanaka pulled a Jessica Simpson: I've been thinking a lot lately. I feel like I have all these problems, you know, with Quinn and Then I realized the only thing I needed to fix was us.

I want us to be together, Rachel. Look, I even circled some dates on your crazy calendar. Is you not being able to talk right now a good thing or a bad thing? I can't be a couple with you. You know, we need And I appreciate your offer, but in the spirit of being a team player, I have to decline. I'm just not some guy that you met at the music store that you can just blow off.

I don't give up that easy.

Dating in finn and rachel real life were

All right, hottest guys in the school. Yeah, but he's not hot, though. And you know what, Brit? I think that dwarf girlfriend of his is dragging down his rep. I mean, if he were dating, say, popular, pretty girls like us, he would go from dumpy to smokin'.

Hey, I'm right here. Would you guys mind, like, including me in your conversations? I'll just give you an introduction into the way that we work.

You buy us dinner and we make out in front of you. It's, like, the best deal ever. Did you see what Rachel was wearing today? She looked like Pippi Longstocking, but, like, Israeli. Those sweaters make her look homeschooled.

Don't make fun of Rachel. You know what, actually? For example, they may have started out season two in a relationship, but were broken up by episode nine. Frankly, he seemed entirely content with staying in Lima and working in his step-father's garage. Rachel considers Finn's future plans unacceptable and pushes very hard for him to go to college. While Rachel's drive is commendable, she should have spent more time thinking about what Finn wanted. The reason for this is because he did not go to New York with her, and instead left her to join the army.

While he may have left for noble personal reasons, he was not thinking about his girlfriend at all. Rachel is lonely and scared when she first arrives in New York, and could certainly have used Finn's security the most. However, she does not hear from him for several months, even though he stays in contact with Kurt. This is ultimately what pushes her more towards Brody, and away from Finn. While certainly a very personal and intimate act, Finn did not respect how much this means to others.

In fact, he blatantly omitted iy.

rachel and finn real life dating games

Meanwhile, Rachel was saving herself for him, but he continued to withhold the information. Ultimately, this was the catalyst for their first break-up, and it is a perfectly understandable reason. Relationships are built on trust, and Finn did not care that he was lying to his girlfriend about something incredibly meaningful.

Cory Monteith: Finn Hudson

Finn may not have enjoyed his time with Santana, which makes his lies even less understandable. From the moment she heard Finn sing, Rachel admitted that she was in love with him.

rachel and finn real life dating games

However, he did not develop feelings for her until later on. In fact, he tried to use her feelings for him to further his career in the entertainment industry. Finn thought that if he was able to succeed in Glee Club that it may get him a music scholarship after high school. In order to ensure he was successful, he took Rachel out on a date and made moves on her.

However when Rachel learns that he does not actually have feelings for her, she slaps him across the face.

Finn/Rachel/Puck "If you get with me.."

It wasn't exactly a shining moment in their early history together. After a falling-out with Coach Beiste, Finn is removed from the football team. Naturally, Finn is devastated as football is a big part of his life. Wouldn't it make sense for his girlfriend to comfort him during his time of need?

Unfortunately, Rachel decides to do the opposite. Rachel is pleased that he is no longer a part of the football team, as she is worried that it increases the likelihood of him cheating on her with a Cheerio. Finn cannot believe that she is pleased with him being unhappy, and it causes a big argument. Rachel has always been self-centered, but this instance was a new low for her.

However, Rachel was there to ensure that Quinn wouldn't be happy again. While Quinn does not get away without blame for her situation, Rachel also played a part. Quinn had planned on telling Finn that the baby she was pregnant with was not his, and if she was allowed to it may have salvaged their relationship.

will, therefore, dating in finn and rachel real life were is

However, Rachel took it upon herself to slip to Finn that Quinn has been intimate with Puck. It was obvious that Rachel did this in order to make Finn available, but her meddling was the beginning of Quinn's hardship. Each time that Finn feels that things are going successfully with a girl, Lima's resident bad boy rears his head. First, he gets Quinn pregnant while she is dating Finn.

Following that, he was even involved with Rachel on two separate occasions as well. Puck may have ultimately ended up with Quinn, but Finn must have always remembered that he was with Rachel as well.

But it seems that Rachel Berry is the one that needed the lessons most. During the episode "Laryngitis", Rachel is battling having her tonsils removed when she comes down with a cold. Naturally, she assumes that the world is going to end and that nothing could be worse. While this does put things into perspective for Rachel, it is one of the most cringeworthy moments of the show.

Following their graduation from high school, Rachel and Finn intend to get married. So instead of getting married, he puts her on a train to New York and does not follow her. His intention was to "set her free" from him so she can pursue her dreams of stardom in New York.

Want to know what would have been a better decision? Talking to each other like adults to determine what would have been best. Finn did not need to dramatically send her away-- they could have worked something out together.

rachel and finn real life dating games

Instead, they threw their relationship away and never recovered. In fact, it is possible that Finn is her first serious boyfriend.

This could be the explanation for why her attraction tactics are not very good. In an effort to attract Finn, Rachel is desperate to have him notice her over Quinn. In a scene which is often forgotten about, Rachel attempts to force herself to vomit in order to lose weight and appear more attractive to Finn.

Thankfully, Emma Pillsbury stops her and informs her of other ways to be noticed. Considering Rachel's status as a role model during the later seasons, this uncomfortable moment is likely something showrunners would like to forget.

While her fashion sense in high-school is described as being dressed by a "blind Sunday school teacher," it is a part of her personality.