Reema katgi and zoya akhtar dating quotes

Reema katgi and zoya akhtar dating quotes - Get Paid To Flirt!

reema katgi and zoya akhtar dating quotes

Dressed in comfy clothes and always sporting a smile, Zoya Akhtar is a woman who keeps her personal life Not many people know that Zoya writes poems too . It is only much later that they settled for a loving peaceful relationship. Zoya has been best friend with Reema Kagti for more than 20 years. Ranveer Singh was into an off and on relationship with actress Anushka Sharma earlier Filmmaker Reema Kagti at Farhan Akhtar's birthday bash held at Zoya. Reema Kagti and Zoya Akhtar, Hindi cinema's first women co-writer pair say no one would care if they didn't work together.

And comes to Mumbai, makes movies, buys herself a house, is sorted and is possibly, the most authentic person I know. Stepped in Bollywood as an actor Not many know that Zoya began her career in B-town as an actress.

She played a small role in Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love Apart from that, she also did a few advertisements for Pepsi and Finolex. In her latest experiment, she tried shooting the song Gallan Goodiyan from Dil Dhadakne Do in one take. The 4 minute 48 seconds song was entirely shot in less than 5 minutes. The reason behind her success is that her scripts revolve around relatable characters and emotions. Talking about her films, Zoya said that she liked making films that were both artsy and filmy at the same time.

Unlike others scripts that concentrate solely on box-office success, her scripts cater to the audience and her vision to do something expressive. And more and more women directors are coming up. Was it easy to convince Aamir to do the film?

I was very aware when we approached him that it is not easy to convince him to do a film, as I know that he thinks and understands the role before he commits to it. But even when I and Zoya were writing the film, we had Aamir in mind. This was during the time he was shooting for Ghajini. But I feel that with how long Aamir normally takes, I got away quite easily.

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I was not prepared. I thought it would take a lot of time, and I went to Goa to play a poker tournament.

And during the tournament I got an sms from Ritesh Sidhwani asking where I was, and that Aamir had agreed to meet to discuss the film within one hour. But to be frank, maybe I got somebody like Aamir because I focused on content. In my case, the fact that I had actors who are also superstars only helped and empowered me. I for one was extremely satisfied with the way Aamir contributed to the film. Was it tough directing an actor as big as Aamir Khan?

And with his reputation as a perfectionist Not really, because I do not think about those things.

reema katgi and zoya akhtar dating quotes

I just focus on my work and on what I am supposed to do. And there were no creative differences between us. From the time Aamir has come on, he has been extremely supportive of the script, and has helped me make it into a film.

reema katgi and zoya akhtar dating quotes

He has been very cooperative; he is very talented and an amazing actor. It is also great to work with him as a producer. And about the news of our so called 'rift', it is completely in the minds of the media - because newspapers and magazines have to sell!

In all the stories that came out, a few reporters actually called me. And I clarified that it was not true. But you know, they put your quote at the end and they make it feel like it is nothing. What about working with two big heroines, Kareena and Rani? How different were their working styles, and who did you enjoy directing?

reema katgi and zoya akhtar dating quotes

Because if I name one, the other will come and kill me! They are two of the finest actors, and their processes of acting are very different from each other.

Rani is used to doing a lot of practice before she does a scene. She likes to rehearse. And before the scene she wants to know what the character is about, the back story, what is going on in her head, etc. While Kareena - she has a completely different approach.

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She is more spontaneous. But rest is not something that Kagti, touted as one of the hottest women film directors in India today, can look forward to right now. Her iPhone chimes constantly with news about reviews, box office records and publicity meetings. She looks preoccupied, but answers all questions patiently and in detail. Talaash has not been through the kind of pre-release hype that characterises big banner productions these days.

This was a deliberate move, Kagti insists.

reema katgi and zoya akhtar dating quotes

This time it was more laid-back because of the content. The film is centred on a police probe into the mysterious death of a movie star. It is also about loss, relationships and the paranormal. The story was born out of an incident co-writer Zoya Akhtar witnessed one night many years ago when she was out with friends. But Kagti refuses to say more on this.

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On the whole, Talaash has been well received, both critically and in the box office, but Kagti says its early days yet. There is plenty to do on the publicity front. She especially hates the travel that comes with promoting a film. I suffer from a slight amount of anxiety. It was a journey she was destined to make given her obsession with films from childhood, says Kagti. He was a businessman but he also acted, and partly produced some Assamese films.

My parents were horrified by my interest in films. Her defining moment was watching Mr Natwarlal.