Speed dating workshop to pair interns and researchers

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speed dating workshop to pair interns and researchers

Events to connect to companies Global Research Internships. - WinterSchool Consultancy Tour. - EY speed dating application skills workshops. Career Workshops; Employer Info Sessions; Job Fair; Internship Events For a complete schedule of workshop titles, dates, times, and locations, go to the calendar. Internship events help to connect you with internship opportunities whether . I was also responsible for a number of directed policy research projects to. Need an icebreaker that helps meeting participants connect? Meet More People More Quickly With a Corporate Speed Dating Icebreaker.

Speed Dating format Starting inwe established Speed Dating as an obligatory activity for first-year residents.

Speed networking session to connect students and businesses at UC - University of Canberra

All clinicians and researchers in the Department of Pediatrics are invited annually to participate. Prior to Speed Dating, potential preceptors submit a one-paragraph summary of i one or more specific projects, or ii the type of research that they are proposing. The summary is vetted by the chair of the Trainee Research Committee to ensure that the scope of any proposed project is appropriate.

A few days prior to the first Speed Dating session, we provide residents with the names of research preceptors listed in the order that they volunteeredtheir pediatric specialty, their one-paragraph summary as described above and their contact information. Preceptors are asked to attend a Speed Dating session if they were available there are one or two sessions one week apart.

The preceptors arrive prior to the residents for a brief presentation on: The residents then arrive for a one-hour session during which they have approximately 5 minutes to speak with each preceptor.

Residents are expected to select a preceptor and a project from the Speed Dating process, from the list of preceptors provided since not all can attend Speed Datingor independently over the next three months.

Residents email the chair of the Trainee Research Committee biannually to report their progress in the research project steps outlined above. The Research Ethics Board of the University of Alberta waived the need for informed consent of survey participants.

Descriptive statistics were used.

speed dating workshop to pair interns and researchers

The answers from open-ended questions were compiled and all novel answers are reported in the results sections.

To determine the research productivity of the program, residents who started July or later, and had completed the general pediatric portion of their residency by June were also surveyed in August to determine if they had presented their project at a conference outside of Edmonton and whether any publications had stemmed from their primary resident research project or from other research projects completed during their general pediatric residency.

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If they did not reply, data on presentations and publications during residency were derived from records maintained by the trainee research director or by the residency program and publications since were sought on Google Scholar and PubMed. One preceptor commented on the value of meeting all first-year residents even though none chose their project.

speed dating workshop to pair interns and researchers

Resident viewpoint Surveys were sent to 54 residents. Outcomes reported by the 46 residents who attended Speed Dating were: Additionally, I had the opportunity to apply good research and writing skills that I had learned throughout my undergraduate career to create well-informed, concise, useful policy briefs for members of the staff, including at times the Congressman himself.

There were countless learning moments during my time on the Hill, not the least of which was learning how to respectfully handle calls from concerned constituents and reassure them that the Congressman hears their concerns and will consider them closely.

Speed networking session to connect students and businesses at UC

I further developed a heightened sense of awareness about task prioritization. At times, I would have eight to ten tasks thrown at me at once without mention of importance, so I would have to quickly organize and prioritize in order to stay afloat.

The chief of staff quickly taught me the difference between east coast and west coast working styles, and I leaned not only to embrace the east coast, fast-paced style of work, but also to thrive in it.

My interest in public policy and conducting careful research in the weeds of complicated issues helped me stand out from the first few days I was in the position.

speed dating workshop to pair interns and researchers

The staff saw this interest in combination with my strong writing skills as an asset to their mission. This was a key determinant in the decision to bring me in to the legislative team earlier than most interns would have an opportunity to do so if at all. I made a strong effort to have a keen attention to detail, which at times made up for my lack of prior legislative experience. By far my proudest accomplishment of my internship was getting all three of the major policy projects I worked on introduced as bills on the House floor.

I can say that I have had a hand in the creation of H.

Not many congressional interns get to interact with policy at all, and even less get to contribute to projects that are eventually introduced as bills. I am extremely proud of the work of the entire legislative team on these bills, and they will be forever preserved in the Library of Congress as a testament to our efforts.

It is my view that any work experience you have changes your career path, whether it be towards or away from the position you held. However, I found this particular experience to be incredibly influential in deciding what I want to pursue after graduation. I have never experienced a feeling quite like standing behind the bench in a congressional hearing while providing notes and insight to the Congressman and his staff.