Tamra and eddie age gap dating

Eddie Judge Wiki, Age, Wife or Gay and Net Worth

tamra and eddie age gap dating

On Monday's Real Housewives of Orange County, Tamra Judge wondered if her marriage to Eddie Judge might have pushed her estranged. Tamra Judge is celebrating five years of marriage to the special man in her life: husband Eddie. reports Us Weekly. “I am so lucky to be sharing my life with Eddie,” Barney told Us. They divorced in and she began dating Judge shortly after. 'Real.

Regis Monarch Beach Resort provided the location and Tamra was the star. Tamra Barney was ravishing in a white Mark Zunino dress as she wed her beau of three years Eddie Judge in Laguna Beach, California on Saturday The year-old Real Housewives of bride chose a beaded white strapless gown designed by Mark Zunino with a trumpet chiffon skirt that showed off her perfect 10 figure and tan.

Although Tamra wore no veil, she dressed up her long blonde hair with a flower accessory above her left ear. She carried a trailing bouquet of tropical white flowers as she strolled toward her groom, and with some minor difficulty in that abundant train.

tamra and eddie age gap dating

The year-old stunner stepped down the aisle with care in that strapless trumpet skirt gown Caught on camera: Tamra's lavish wedding featured five attendants and a camera crane courtesy of Bravo The kiss: The couple's exchange of vows was filmed by a television crew for Tamra's Bravo spinoff, Tamra's OC Wedding Eddie, 40, was dashing in his black three-piece suit and white tie. A Bravo television crew captured the whole festivity on camera to be shown on Tamra's upcoming spinoff, Tamra's OC Wedding.

It looks like Tamra and Eddie were really enjoying that kiss The star: The sunset ceremony featured a quartet of harpists and some pretty fancy chair dressings An artist was also on hand to paint the bride and groom on their altar of matrimony. Tamra made a point to share her special day with her fans.

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The grounds were swimming with camera people Just can't stop: The story about how they met. According to Eddie's sister mind-blowing allegations, Eddie and Tamara first official meeting was staged by the team of Real Housewives of Orange County. The team wanted their meeting to tune up to a believable dating story.

tamra and eddie age gap dating

Tamara was a real-estate agent who was married and had children. And, Eddie was portrayed as a successful lawyer who dealt mostly in real states through his dad company. Roughly, they met around five years ago in similar scenario aforementioned above. Later, they bonded soon and steered their relationship to a boyfriend-girlfriend one in short time. Eddie and Tamara married in the year after dating from such a long time.

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You should know about Tamra too. Her first husband was Simon Barney with whom she got divorced in the year after being married for almost 11 years. The reason for their divorce is still unknown. Two of them share the custody of their two daughters Spencer, 15 and Sophia, 9.

Their elder daughter Sidney, 16 stays with her father since he won the sole custody battle war in March of In fact, they didn't have to go to a court.

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Simply, Tamara gave up the custody battle officially, and Simon was more than happy with her decision. Now, there are two theories regarding the custody abandonment.

One theory suggests that Tamara intentionally gave up the custody because she knew she would have lost if she had gone to a court because of her wild and fierce image build up by the show. So, the theory suggests that Tamara made a smart decision by not going to the court or more shameful disclosures would have been made by the ex-husband. On the other hand, the next theory is pro- Tamara theory which supports Tamara's claim that she didn't file for the custody because Sydney didn't want her too.

Just go through the texts, and you will find out how they couldn't withstand each other. It was when Sydney moved on to her father house claiming her mother had de-motivating behavior.