The phantom of opera gerard butler and emmy rossum dating

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the phantom of opera gerard butler and emmy rossum dating

No. That was all rumors. She said the fans -because of phantom-wanted them to be a couple but she and gerry were like brother and sister. Yet when Emmy Rossum saw Gerard Butler lurking in the shadows at her long- awaited £45 million film version of The Phantom of the Opera. 'I have not met the one princess yet,' said the year-old star of the movie version of The Phantom Of The Opera. Enlarge. Gerard Butler (L).

I can't believe the comments I've seen on his singing.

the phantom of opera gerard butler and emmy rossum dating

His voice was beautiful, sensuous, and the amazing thing was his singing matched every emotion he was feeling from highest to lowest. In the beginning we see a very confident, strong, domineering individual partial to strangling people when cornered, not the most sympathetic of individuals, who nevertheless shows a sensitivity and sweetness despite all of his extremely fatal faults; that is, in the more than competent hands of Gerard Butler. His performance is so beautifully and deftly drawn that gradually by the end of the film we see what's been behind the mask all along: He's just a lost little boy who never grew up.

the phantom of opera gerard butler and emmy rossum dating

I also have to comment on the "Point of No Return" number. And neither of them lost a stitch of clothing. Well, accept maybe a cape and a mask. So he lived in a sewer and had a little anger management problem. We could have worked through it with a good therapist.

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I mean this guy gave Christine what every hot blooded woman wants: Total and obedient worship. Am I right girls? Anyway to all you naysayers, I say this movie would have been nothing without him. To tell you the truth I kept wondering, "Who is this guy, where did he come from? So I did what the rest of you do and looked him up on "imdb.

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Since then I've seen his other film roles, to be honest the films weren't that great, but that's not his fault. You've got to take what you're offered.

So I just have to note another of his astonishing talents: I swear he changes with every role. His voice and his face, even his body molds to whatever character he's playing. I cannot believe that he is not up for Best Actor, or that this film is not up for at least ten Oscars. Incidentally, I shall be boycotting them this year, and I urge you to do the same. Compared to this film, the rest is just drivel.

Butler is an amazing actor. I'm so glad Mr. Schumacher had the tremendous insight to cast him. I hope now he will get the roles he so richly deserves. I'd pay admission to watch that man walk across the street. Her performance as Sean Penn's daughter in the drama Mystic River was described as "transfixing" by the New York Times and she more than held her own in the big-budget disaster epic The Day After Tomorrow. She laughs when she recalls her singing audition for Lloyd Webber in his New York apartment.

I went in and started vocalising with the accompanist and Andrew walked in as we were preparing. He didn't say hello, didn't introduce himself and just sat down in front of me and said, 'Shall we? Then he stood up and said: It was so powerful and so frightening.

Lloyd Webber's great Phantom gamble

Though he had landed several leading roles, they were in turkeys such as Dracula and Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Cradle of Life, and he had failed to make much impression in Hollywood. But he didn't give up. He had sung with a rock band called Speed and when he heard that Schumacher was considering him for the Phantom role, he immediately hired a voice coach.

Although he was so nervous his legs were shaking, he passed the test.