Urassaya and nadech dating

Yaya Urasaya's newcomer, Nadech Kugimiya frankly admitted: 'I love her'

urassaya and nadech dating

Sep 14, Urassaya is Nadech's first girlfriend:cheer::clap: . already got some experience on dating so he will be more serious with yaya and know how. Follow current trends adapt our way reading barry nadech and yaya urassaya dating nadech kugimiya and yaya urassaya dating has entered a new relationship. Oct 23, Hey guys, So I was surfing the net and saw that Nadech and Yaya are in a relationship: Click Here. Do you know if this is true or just fan post?.

urassaya and nadech dating

And Nadech's manager has not helped him, after the media succeed to trap Yaya, they come to ask this matter with Nadech's manager Ae supachai and Ae in my opinion for protecting NY private'life has said awkwardly to explain what Yaya has said in Korat event that her thai language is weak.

A thing that people should know about Ae supachai.

  • yaya and nadech dating

He s the most famous manager in all thai ET, he managed all the superstars of Thailand: This man is the one who has found all of them when they were just simple thai citizen. He s the one who make you become a superstar, you have to be recognized.

One of the rule from Ae is "he doesn't want from his stars that they admit they date someone, because it can have an impact on their career according to thai culture, they will not be as hotter as if they are single".

They are very protective with their private life.

urassaya and nadech dating

This was his rule before he changed his mind, he says that nowadays, the world has changed, he allows his stars to behave like what they want with their private life. I feel very sorry for him, during the daradaily event, he has to answer and clarify it. What a dilemma for Nadech, poor him!! Many people said that Yaya was sad with all these dramas and they seem to be distant I think people should have a look on what happen on that day, during Daradaily event.

If you call them as distant after watching at this video, there is a problem. Most of those who ship Yaya with Mark has discovered her with Kluen Cheewit so you cannot blame them to ship her with Mark. And about her only dedicated die hard FC, they hate Nadech since a long time, before what happen this year, everybody know them on instagram: Joining an event on the evening of March 28, they both spoke up about the rumors and confirmed they were still salty, with no chance for a third.

Asked a hundred thousand times, Nadech's answer was the same, the feeling in Nadech was the same. Yaya did not know who Porsche was, never met, never talked.

Latest denial confirms Nadech and Yaya more than "siblings"

She is also annoyed when it comes to "strangers". Fan Yadech, please steady hand paddle, big wave wind, hurricane thunderstorms how can not turn the boat is not. Yesterday, Nadech announced to the world that "I love her".

Yaya Urassaya Surprise Nadech Birthday

Straighten out, I love her. Yaya's embarrassing moment when Nadech openly expresses his feelings. And this is how Yaya responded to Nadech's sweet confession. Bell and broke down the movie three.

[CH3] Likit Ruk (Thong Entertainment) Nadech Kugimiya / Yaya Urassaya

This page contains all websites related to: Check out NY's updates here!. Confidence without Arrogance --Welcome back; your last visit was on Mar 18 Yaya Urassayawhose real name is Urassaya Sperbundis a Thai model and actress. She celebrates her birthday on March 18, She was born in Pattaya, Chonburi.

Thanks for stopping by to share Nadech and Yaya s updates NYtogether is an international fan page dedicated to actor Nadech Kugimiya and actress Urassaya Yaya.

yaya and nadech dating

Nadech and Yaya deny going out eating together, nadech doesn't know what to say when the reporters told him that Patrica were crying. All content belongs to their respective owners. Enforcement have their dating nadech yaya work cut out for them as they get more.

urassaya and nadech dating