Wwe jojo and randy orton dating

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wwe jojo and randy orton dating

Sep 25, WWE superstar and Tyson Kidd's former tag team partner Justin The speculation of Randy Orton dating Jo Jo comes from this photo at. Sep 6, According to F4WOnline via turbotop.info, Randy Orton and Jo Jo may and concentration of being a successful WWE Diva, we shall see. Dec 4, After the end of JoJo and Gabriel chemistry, she was rumored being with WWE superstar Randy Orton in The rumors beings after Rondy.

The United States Champion is a great worker in the ring, but his outburst towards the fans at times give the hint that he may be a terrible person in real life. But that doesn't seem to be the case at all, as Corbin actually has a very loving girlfriend to go home to in Rochelle Roman.

WWE Bray Wyatt not paying wife but treating JoJo Offerman

Jordan will need to change something to get back into the good books of the fans, but something he doesn't need to work on is his love life. Jordan is a very happily married man right now, who tied the knot with the beautiful April Elizabeth earlier this year.

The two seem like a private but happy couple who also attended the WWE Hall of Fame together earlier this year, proving how Jordan is doing great work outside the ring. What was a team soon turned personal as the two gained feelings for each other and have been dating for quite a few years now. They love to travel together and often go on vacations whenever they get some time off and look like a really happy couple in general.

The two have also bought their own house in Florida where they reside together, as this relationship seems to be a really stable one because of how much the two have come to care for each other over the years. Carmella is also taking care of Cass as he recovers from an injury right now, and we could see the two tie the knot soon knowing how strong their love is.

McIntyre was left in quite the awful spot after that ordeal but then found the ideal woman in Kaitlyn Frohnapfel.

She was the woman who brought him back on track and the two have enjoyed a very healthy relationship in the past few years. He got engaged to Kaitlyn in February of last year and tied the knot later on, and the beautiful woman has brought a lot of happiness and success for McIntyre who has been able to turn his life around after his initial horrible marriage.

The 13 time World Champion didn't have the most successful marriage to his first wife, but looks to be really happy with his current one, Kimberly Kessler. The gorgeous woman has been with Orton for the past few years now, with the two looking like a big, happy family with all their children.

Possible Giveaway to Randy Orton Dating Total Divas Star JoJo Offerman

Orton often takes time off to be with Kimberly and his kids, which proves how much of a family man he has become because of the beautiful Mrs. The Viper may be an unpredictable snake in the WWE, but he's a very happy married man right now who is lucky to have a sexy wife like Kim. Bayley was really popular back in NXT where she was beloved by everyone because of her gimmick, but it started to get a little stale on the main roster.

She's still quite the popular woman and a great wrestler as well, as the sweet woman is engaged to Independent wrestler Aaron Sorlow in real life. Sorlow mostly works in the Indies but did make one appearance on Live! Bayley seems to be really happy with Sorlow and often posts pictures of them hanging out together, and while the two cannot be together all the time because of conflicting schedules, they seem to be a sweet and delightful couple.

The unique demon king is loved by the fans because of his unconventional persona, but he is actually a very shy and private person in real life. But fans were actually pretty happy for Finn when it was discovered that he was dating WWE talk-show host Cathy Kelley a few months back. Balor and Cathy were seen to be holding hands and roaming the streets together. They've tried to keep their relationship very private as they never upload pictures together and have rarely been seen after that, but it seems that Finn is finally settling down in his personal life, as he has landed quite the gorgeous queen for himself in Kelley!

They are both quite obsessed with keeping themselves in good shape and seem to be really happy together, as well as helping each other with their training. Strong has found a loyal wife in Sharif, who not only keeps him at the top of his game but also supports him no matter what he does in wrestling.

Ryder has was dating the sexy diva Emma a year or so ago, but the two mysteriously broke up earlier this year for some reason. The current Impact's Knockout Champion is enjoying a lot of success in the brand and while she and Ryder can't stay together all the time, they definitely love to spend quality time together when they are free.

It is reported that at some point during Mickie and Jeff's careers, after The Charismatic Enigma made his WWE return back inthe duo had some kind of encounter. There have been many rumours circulating surrounding these two stars and Mickie after her affair with John Cena.

wwe jojo and randy orton dating

It seems Beth and Jeff could well have been on a break at the time but they have been able to move forward with their lives despite what was probably a blip in their relationship. Rosa has recently become engaged to the father of her daughter Jordan, but before she met Bobby Schubenski and decided to retire from WWE, Rosa had a number of relationships with WWE stars.

Rosa has also had interactions with Santino Marella, Michale Hayes, and Eddie Colon before she finally decided to settle down with Bobby.

Total Diva star Jo Jo is dating Randy Orton and Dolph Ziggler being punished, Kane to return

Batista himself married professional pole dancer Sarah Jade back in after he departed from WWE to concentrate on an acting career. The couple were featured in the first few episodes of the E! JoJo was just 19 at the time and the age gap became too much of a problem for the couple since their relationship ended in mid when JoJo instead began dating former NXT star, Jake Carter. But before she became engaged to Kenny back in she was in a long-term relationship with Joey Mercury.

The duo met before Mickie joined WWE's main roster in and dated from up until mid Mickie has since gone on to marry TNA star Magnus while Joey Mercury has gone on to date many other female stars over the past few years. This was the time when Melina and Morrison decided to go on a break when Melina and Batista had their well-known encounter.

Morrison has since moved on from his year relationship with Melina that ended in and is currently dating fellow Lucha Underground star Taya Valkyrie. Melina has remained on the Independent Scene focusing on her wrestling career. Stephanie and Test worked together on-screen and Test later moved on to date the likes of Stacy Keibler and Kelly Kelly before his untimely death in The couple have been married since and have welcomed three daughters over the past 14 years.

Kristal was positioned on the SmackDown brand that lacked female competitors and saw many matches between Kristal and Jillian Hall at the time. It seems that memories are not the only thing that Kristal took away from her WWE career.

The duo have two children together with their little girl being born in April Kristal and Bobby also worked together for a time in TNA until Kristal announced on her Twitter page back in that the couple had decided to go their separate ways, with Bobby concentrating on his wrestling career. But one relationship that Kelly managed to keep under the radar was her encounter with former NXT star and commentator Alex Riley.

wwe jojo and randy orton dating

The couple weren't together for long as with many of Kelly's relationships which may be why it is rather unknown. Kelly has since moved on to marry former NHL star Sheldon Souray with whom she is the stepmother to his two children.

Wrestling Relationships You Probably Never Knew About

The couple currently have two daughters together, but back when she was part of WWE, she was another female who seemingly dated a lot of stars in the locker room.

One relationship that went relatively unnoticed was the one between Beth and CM Punk. It was only when Punk was later asked about Beth when he sourly talked about how bad the relationship was and how Beth just really wanted a boyfriend and didn't care who she ended up with, that their relationship finally came to light. Orton was a busy man and he and Kelly passed like ships in the night.