Yoona and donghae dating 2012 calendar

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yoona and donghae dating 2012 calendar

Taeyeon dated Junsu , Leeteuk (bonamana era), wooyoung - Tiffany dated a guy who lives in America(i have their pic and vid), Khun(not sure) - Jessica dated kangin, donghae, jaejoong, taecyon, GD .. Updates; Tags; Calendar ( SNSD) Yoona has Depression and is a member of "The Milk Club". Tanked posts: scoring with brea intents that blend friendly slate brea dating: slate top rated dating books for women yoona and donghae dating calendar. Forums · Calendar · Staff · Online Users Did you guys know that Jonghyun dated Natalie Portman and the queen of England? . and with Kim soo hyun They began dating March even it is a statement of his own .. I hope others would stop posting like yoona and donghae are real and they broke up.

Yoona and Donghae Dating ! (YoonHae Comeback to each other)

Yoona at Chinchin Radio Donghae also said. Donghae at Super Junior Adonis Ep. Donghae has the type of woman with a beautiful forehead.

yoona and donghae dating 2012 calendar

Even Taeyeon, Yuri and Leeteuk as well admit it. This is their conversation on a radio: Her forehead is very beautiful right? Besides that, Yoona also rarely wear bangs, she more often showed his forehead.

Donghae always pratice with Yoona. Donghae likes girls who have beautiful eyes. Is Yoona have beautiful eyes?

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Here is the story: Moment occurred on July 17,Donghae was in an interview. MC told Donghae to choose his favorite eyes. There are 3 picture of eyes dan Donghae was looking for that. Yoona was born in and Donghae was born in Yoona lahir tahin dan Donghaethe difference in their ages is 4 years!

In my opinion, yes! She would think it was funny. While Leeteuk and Eunhyuk asked YoonHae about boyfriend, Donghae instantly nervous and Yoona knocked on the table using a pen. When Yoona sitting next to Donghae, he immediately turns to silence, which is always unusually excited. But that's probably because his agency is out to make him the next big thing in Asia. This group has actually TWO that are gay.

yoona and donghae dating 2012 calendar

One of them is one of those painfully obvious ones. We knew from the start he was a diva His actions, his voice The other one, well he's pretty obvious, but people seem to have a hard time making a decision with him.

Or is he not?

Do you believe Yoona and Donghae used to be in relationship?

One of them is famous for being kinky As in he likes it rough. Don't really want to think about that. From what I've gathered from other industry insiders. The other 3, well the good one is obviously good. I can't say he's good in the sense he's a good boy, but just good at staying on the down low.

I won't call him an angel, because there are plenty of "angels" in kpop that are actually devils. But hey, that's for another post. In any case the younger one is much more willing to party when overseas. All 3 like to party hard when it comes to girls. Call girls, escorts, massage parlors, you name it they are there!

They do not care when they are overseas. The member that is selling like crazy, is probably the worst. He's racist and will not sleep with non Koreans.

Even when he is overseas he searches out the Korean girls. He's not too nice to them either. But he's infamous for not being very nice in general People hate to work with him But then again it seems he's a little bit less of an asshole when he's dealing with Koreans.

Definitely thinks that everyone not Korean is below him. He seems to dislike Japanese. It's funny because the group did okay in Japan and his company wants him to really own shit up in Japan It's too bad he's a bitch when he's in Japan.

The last member that rarely talks and no one really remembers him except as the main vocal Well he was a little asshole before he debuted too. So it's obvious he's still an asshole. This is a pretty damn obvious post.

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Enjoy the info, and always remember And with good enough looks, you can sleep with them too so don't worry! Girl A's group members know. Girl B reassures Girl A that nothing will happen.

It's so messed up! Idol relationships are always happening and ending, it's like a week goes by and suddenly everyone switched partners. Mar 14th - Your oppas are bad in bed and WGM be havin' dem gays Agencies need to stop trying to persuade the public that their idol are not gay by trying to put them on WGM.