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Of course, Zoe and Alfie utterly deserve privacy and peace in their a vlog which contained a shot of an envelope with her address on. Whilst the pair tend not to hit red carpets and events like Tanya Burr and Jim Chapman do, I've just accidentally offended my 2 favourite Youtubers @PointlessBlog. Vlogging stars Tanya Burr, 26, and Jim Chapman, 27, managed to keep Burr and Jim Chapman marry in front of guests including Zoella and Alfie . 1; 2; 3. Watch video. Duchess Meghan shows natural side on Smart Works visit . But after texting each other and a first date at the cinema, the pair soon. Jim Chapman, Zoe and Alfie sure have some explaining to do for this picture. On this day one Zoe & Alfie have confirmed it on zoe's blog. I am happy for both of The 2 Youtube sensations Alfie Deyes and Zoe Sugg have ZALFIE made.

At the end of December, Zoe and Alfie got into a bit of a Twitter tiff with a follower who criticised their tweets about fans turning up to their house. Surely Zoe and Alfie know their power and realise their fans would have turned on Amy after they replied to her? Either way, we think having more understanding of public relations would help the pair.

Despite the fact they've made their entire living out of the Internet, social media and everything else becomes a genuinely different place once you're a famous celebrity.

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And whether Zoe and Alfie believe they're celebrities or not, the fact is that they are. Which brings us onto our next point Accept that fame brings good and bad points Urgh, we kind of feel sucky writing this because every single person in the world deserves to feel safe in their own home.

But the likes of you and I, because we're not famous, don't have to deal with people ringing our doorbell and driving past our home to get a glimpse of us. But, as rubbish as it is, it comes with the cost of fame. Dealing with the ups and downs of celeb life is part of the journey, even if the pair didn't set out to become worldwide stars. Ever since the concept of celebrities began, the famous crowd have had to accept that whilst amazing things like luxury and money are at their disposal, there's also major downsides which include obsessed fans and a slight lack of privacy.


Just like people flock to the hotels where boybands are staying or the Hollywood homes tours, people turning up to try and get a peek of Zoe isn't really any different. As rubbish as it is. And so recent events have surely made Alfie and Zoe less naive to their impact and how they will no doubt have to deal with the downsides of fame for at least another few years whilst they reign supreme. Get better security Let's be real, Zoe and Alfie are worth millions. And it's clear their current home doesn't have enough security.

If Zoe and Alfie want to continue living in their Brighton home without fans disturbing them, we'd suggest they install a whole heap of security- cameras, a huge fence, even a full time security guard or two.

Sure, it's not ideal but the presence of the aforementioned security features should easily deter fans from flocking to their home and make them realise that invading people's space is absolutely not on. Alfie should be able to go in his garden without kids and mums peeking in, Zoe should be able to not worry about who might see her walking around in just a towel.

And if a couple of thousand pounds on gadgets and guards is going to do it then so be it. The year-old from Lacock stop sniggering in Wiltshire has racked up a mighty million views and has published her first book! Tom Cassell - 10m Subscribers You might know Tom better as The Syndicate, and he's one of the main men you'd go to for your latest gaming fix. Since then he's jumped up to a mammoth 9.

Joseph Garrett - 7m Subscribers You might not know much about Joseph Garret - or stampylonghead - unless you're really into Minecraft. Check out Joseph's channel to follow the adventures of Stampy Cat - probably the most popular video game animal in YouTube history!

Joe Sugg - 6m Subscribers Thatcher Joe spotted here with Doug The Pugg describes himself as a "24 year old who likes to make a fool out of himself on camera for your entertainment" - and that's exactly why we love him along with his 5.

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Okay, maybe "jealous" doesn't even begin to describe how we feel Dan Howell - 5. Alfie Deyes - 5m Subscribers This guy could do with putting his feet up!

And he still has time to get his make-up done by none other than Ariana Grande. Jack Harries - 4. They visit SO many different countries and the odd YouTuber along the way and their clips are genuinely inspiring! Marcus Butler - 4.


We know we're in for a good time when we hear Marky say that, don't we? His unique sense of humour is great for his weekly posts. And if that's not convincing enough, he was also in one of THE best boybands ever.