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into turbotop.info Programme at IIT Bhubaneswar. Click here to visit COAP website. Starting date for online application: 8th March Last date for. Fill up the Student Registration form and make online payment by clicking the DATE: SEPTEMBER 21, (Friday) For reference, please see the photographs in the website turbotop.info .php The. Extension of last date for applying on NSP for the CSSS of Top Class Education Notice for online application for Remission of Tuition Fee for the Academic year Teaching Excellence Award for Autumn · Outstanding Service Award .

The programme will impart training on cutting-edge research and development activities for solving various pressing problems and challenges.

Filling of Online Application and Payment Procedure | IIT Bhubaneswar

Besides, it will also be engaged in addressing issues pertaining to transportation related policy and behaviour of all of its stake-holders. The program focuses on teaching and research to provide students state-of-the-art insight into major areas of Electronics, Communications and Signal Processing, Microelectronics and Semiconductor Devices, NXN communicatiuon systems and Computing Techniques and Systems.

Computer Science and Engineering: The undergraduate and post-graduate programms in Computer Science and Engineering focuses on teaching and reserach to provide the students with in-depth knowledge of the primary areas in Cyber and digital Forensics, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Theoritical Comuper Science, Computer Systems, Programming Langauges, Artificial Intelligence, Networks, and Cyber security. The program focuses on teaching and research in the areas of power system analysis, operation, control and optimization, power system protection, wide area monitoring and power system automation, flexible AC and HVDC transmission system, power system restructuring, power electronics and its applications to power system, power quality, renewable and distributed energy systems, micro grid and smart grid systems.

Metallurgical and Materials Engineering: This program focuses on beneficiation and processing of minerals, metal melting casting and heat treatment, steel alloys, important alloys of Al, Mg and Ti etc. Thermal Science and Engineering: The program also has built into it advanced computational, modelling as well as experimental laboratories to make the graduate, industry ready.

Mechanical Systems Design Program offers courses focusing towards various aspects of mechanical design. Login to the portal by providing the Email ID and password provided at the time of registration.

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Click any one option for Registration Fill up the Student Registration form and make online payment by clicking the click here button Provide your Transaction No.

Community Centre, Argul, IIT Bhubaneswar Please enter the Convocation Venue with proper dress code as mentioned in the convocation portal and occupy the seat allotted to you by Maintain the solemnity of the function. The audience shall remain standing at their respective seats as the Academic Procession enters and proceeds towards the dais. Degrees will be awarded to all degree recipients whose names are printed in the Convocation Brochure in order of Ph.

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As the names of degree recipients for a particular degree are called, they should proceed, one by one, to the dais in a line following the specified order. While moving to the dais for receiving the degrees from the Director, they should bow before the Chief Guest, Chairman, Board of Governors and Guests of Honour. After receiving the degree certificates, they should return to their respective seats.

Filling of Online Application and Payment Procedure

The candidates will remain standing at their places and the Director will admit and charge them with the respective Degrees. Which items can I check out? How can I borrow materials? Second, find the book in the open stacks for yourself. It is to protect you against false issuing of documents against your account which is a possibility.

In this situation the Central Library takes full responsibility to protect your account. How do I return the materials? Documents may be presented at the Circulation Desk during the circulation hours. Always verify your account to ensure return. How can I renew a book? Books that have not been requested by another borrower can be renewed at the Circulation Desk.

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A document can be renewed twice, upon which it needs to be returned back to the Central Library. How can I keep abreast of the due dates? Regularly check your Patron ID available online to know the details of overdue books and fines.