Alex kandel tony smith dating

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alex kandel tony smith dating

#sleeper agent#tony smith Alex Kandel at Vans Warped Tour. . We're going to set our end date at August 18th and if you need a little extra time, let us know. The date was March 2, , the final day of the first leg of their grueling tour with female singer Alex Kandel, singer-guitarist Tony Smith, bassist Lee Williams. Tony Smith Justin Wilson Lee Williams Scott Gardner Josh Martin. Sleeper Agent was an American band from Bowling Green, Kentucky. Their debut album Tony Smith and drummer Justin Wilson recruited the young Alex Kandel as a.

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While the playful tug of war between the male and female vocals coolly recalls everyone from X to The XX, the immediate warmth they emit is entirely their own. Vets of hardcore and rock bands, the two hit it off while working together in a movie theater. The pair stood out by being the only act in town with songs that boasted dueling vocals.

He'd come to all our shows," Wilson says, giggling.

alex kandel tony smith dating

Oh, but he certainly does remember that day in he, then 22, met up with the 16 year old over lunch about possibly joining the band. You still have to make me famous. Smith attempted to teach her bass, but when she proved to have butter fingers, he switched her over to vocals. Today, "it's definitely a brother-sister kind of thing," says the year old Kandel.

You can hear their declaration of siblinghood on the ballady "That's My Baby.

Sleeper Agent (band)

After the six piece played their first show together inthey decided to put together an eight-song demo. All of the above happened in just NINE months. He's sincerely flattered by this, but it's also freaking him out. You let go and nothing really matters. It was a real challenge to record and I think that really carries over when we perform it live. It hits a really personal note with me and allows me to get right into that mental space we talked about where nothing matters.

What do you think has been the most surreal moment for you since you all started playing together?

Interview With Sleeper/Agent

Our whole experience as a band seems surreal if you take a step back, but more specifically every time I step off stage after a great show. You know the crowd was giving you everything you were giving them and that is going to always be consistently overwhelming every time it happens.

alex kandel tony smith dating

You go through so much just to have another moment like that. What about the lowest point?

Artist Insider: Rockin’ Out with Sleeper Agent’s Alex Kandel

We were driving from Louisville to Baltimore really late at night when we started to see sparks coming off the trailer. We pulled over and saw that the entire axel was messed up and the wheel bearing was spewing oil and could have caught fire. My parents and grandparents had come to see us perform in Louisville the night before and had given me some birthday cash to make tour life a little easier on me.

alex kandel tony smith dating

He yelled at us and threatened us, so eventually I just gave him all my birthday money. She laughs it off. Just kind of puts everything else in perspective, you know.

alex kandel tony smith dating

What can you tell us about playing SXSW this year? Back inI was still fresh-faced and everything seemed so new and amazing.

alex kandel tony smith dating

Writtalin named Sleeper Agent one of ten artists to watch in What can we expect from you guys this year? And after that we plan on touring always forever, hopefully overseas.