Is henry rollins dating anyone

Who is Henry Rollins dating? Henry Rollins girlfriend, wife

is henry rollins dating anyone

He didn't get his first girlfriend until a pretty late age and said he'd wondered if a chic was . Classic line, "Go be fat on someone else's time. . He was the best friend and roommate of the musician/author/actor Henry Rollins. Legendary punk rocker Henry Rollins talks to Marc Fennell about the enduring impact It's like someone took a marker and marked you all up. Famed punk-rocker and spoken-word performer Henry Rollins has spoken 'He was mean, drunk and perverted': Punk rock icon Henry Rollins opens up .. Antonio Banderas, 58, and his girlfriend Nicole Kimpel, 38, are pictured .. after someone told her they loved her as she poses for dramatic shoot.

This multi-talented entertainer has authored some books and audio books which are quite popular with fans. Sources have it that Henry Rollins expressed his dissatisfaction with homosexual magazines that repeatedly interviewed him with the belief that he must be gay; according to him, there is nobody on earth that is as obviously un-gay as he is.

It is also said that the former Black Flag frontman has not cultivated any romantic relationship with the opposite sex and as a result, has remained childless till date. On his own part, Henry sees himself as a loner who has no desire for a wife or even to father a few kids. He simply prefers his own company and is comfortable with doing things alone, but that does not mean that the former punk legend dislikes people.

In fact, he really connects with people when and if he decides to socialize but more often than not he walks alone. Rumors have it that inthe legendary artist was in a relationship with Lydia Lunch, a co-star he met on the set of the movie titled Kiss Napoleon Goodbye.

is henry rollins dating anyone

Musical style[ edit ] As a vocalist, Rollins has adopted a number of styles through the years. He was noted in the Washington, D. By their album Damagedhowever, Black Flag began to incorporate a swing beat into their style. Rollins then abandoned his State of Alert "bark" and adopted the band's swing.

The music was intense and, well, I was as intense as you needed. Rolling Stone's Anthony DeCurtis names Rollins a "screeching hate machine" and his "hallmark" as "the sheets-of-sound assault".

Henry Rollins

The record was supposed to be released by SST Recordsbut the project was canceled because the label received death threats for working with Manson. Only five test presses of Completion were pressed, two of which remain in Rollins' possession. Cole died after being shot in the face, but Rollins escaped. In an April Los Angeles Times interview, Rollins revealed he kept a plastic container full of soil soaked with the blood of Cole. Rollins said "I dug up all the earth where his head fell—he was shot in the face—and I've got all the dirt here, and so Cole's in the house.

I say good morning to him every day. I got his phone, too, so I got a direct line to him. So that feels good. Rollins stated that he only has the soil from the spot Cole was killed.

During the interview, Rollins also speculated that the reason they were targeted may have been because, days prior to the incident, record producer Rick Rubin — a fan of Rollins Band — had requested to hear the then newly recorded album The End of Silence and parked his Rolls-Royce outside their Venice Beach house while carrying a cell phone. Because of the notoriety of the neighborhood, Rollins suspected that this would bring trouble because of the implication that there was money in the home.

He even wrote in his journal the night of Rubin's visit: Rollins also co starred in The Chase with Charlie Sheen. Rollins began to present and narrate VH1 Legends in Rollins also voiced Mad Stan in Batman Beyond in and The Henry Rollins Show is now[ when?

The show also lead to a promotional tour in Europe that led to Rollins being dubbed a "bad boy goodwill ambassador" by a NY reviewer. He co-hosted the British television show Full Metal Challengein which teams built vehicles to compete in various driving and racing contests, from to on Channel 4 and TLC. He has made a number of cameo appearances in television series such as MTV's Jackass and an episode of Californicationwhere he played himself hosting a radio show. Weston, a white-supremacist gang leader and new antagonist in the show's fictional town of Charming, California, who poses a deadly threat to the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club.

Return of the Joker. The show aired every Monday evening, with Rollins playing music ranging from early rock and jump blues to hard rockblues rockfolk rockpunk rockheavy metal and rockabillyand touching on hip hopjazzworld musicreggaeclassical music and more.

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By the time I got to the LA punk scene, it was super misogynist and women were there to pull up their T-shirts for men. That never made sense to me. Every once in a while I think I want romance, but it's like holding on to sand. It always slips away. Falling in love does not interest me. Black Flag had a female bass player called Kira Roessler. She was a mere slip of a woman but physical size really didn't matter. She was in one of the most ferocious bands at the peak of violence in that scene in the '80s.

She was as tough as any of us and could stand up to anything. At 55, I know who I am. I am not that interested in having someone to account to and be romantic with on a regular basis.

Henry Rollins Married, Wife, Girlfriend, Height, Is He Gay?

Every once in a while I think I want it, but it's like holding on to sand. Marriage crossed my mind for a minute when I was young, but it wasn't rooted in reality. Since I became a grey-haired man, it has never occurred to me. My mother is still alive. She is 85, but I don't really see her.

I haven't seen my dad since I was really raised as an afterthought and that's just the way it went, I guess. An inspirational woman in my life was Ginger, the mother of my best friend Ian MacKaye [of the band Fugazi].

is henry rollins dating anyone

She passed away in She was an amazing intellect, an author and cerebral woman who would call you out on things but offer suggestions as well. She is the woman who taught me the power of ideas and the intellect, that it's not about beating up the guy in the school yard, it's about the museums you go to and the books you read.

Henry Rollins on Women

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