Kaleidoscope dating sim 2 angel best ending

What gifts do you give to angel in kaleidoscope dating Sim 1

kaleidoscope dating sim 2 angel best ending

Kaleidoscope Dating Sim 2 is a unique and original dating simulation The only escape is to find true love in thirty dream cycles. i ended up wih angel ayyy I was planning to end with gage, but I eat the mushroom of cero. I DON'T OWN Kaleidoscope Dating Sim 2 because I'm not that awesome. to get the best ending for two characters (you will need over dollars). Tips of Angel: She's found in the teal door and was sick as in reality. Mostly anything with black and red. page 2, glasses black vest checkered vest, page 3 On Kaleidoscope dating Sim 1, if you want the best end with Angel, you .

Soon, you will find doors where you can enter different Dream Realms. Within these Realms, are Dream Souls. One of these Souls can become your Soulmate. Your Soulmate can help you leave the Dream World. If you fail in finding a Soulmate, you shall become a Dream Soul as well, forever to roam lost in this World.

Cero shook his head. As he recalled, never in his life had he been able to remember his dreams. He looked around him, mesmerized by the beauty of his surroundings. A billion stars danced in the dark blue skies. Walking through the Dream City, Cero encountered nary a soul. Though the City was beautiful, it felt cold and lonely.

The beauty of the place felt too eerie. He thought otherwise a few minutes later. He decided this dream was really a nightmare.

Walking through the empty city, Cero found himself standing in front of the same building over and over again, even though he was sure he had walked down at least five different blocks.

The building was made of prism glass. Starlight bounced off the dark glass as shimmering rainbow rays. Cero decided to enter the building. The moment he walked through the front door, he felt himself pulled into the building.

The door behind him flashed before melting away into nothing. He walked to the middle of the building's lobby. Before him, were six doors and a single vial of potion atop a cedar stand… Each door was made of wood that had a golden sheen.

Kaleidoscope Dating Sim

Carved on the wooden doors were glowing flowers. Peonies, roses… Cero looked around the room some more before he decided to enter one of the doors. He knocked on a door and pushed it open. Fan review by Zusa one of the long-time moderators of the Nummyz forums First and foremost I'd love to build a statue of you, Mayuiki, and create a religion where you are worshiped for creating a save button!

This is more than just handy and convenient, it's a life saver! Especially if you reach a point in the game where, say you just want to work on your currency, save, then focus on a character, end the game, and load from a previous session with all the money you earned.

Moving on, I can't help but shake a sort of Alice in Wonderland feeling when I played this game. Cero falling into a deep sleep and "waking up" in a strange new world, but with doors to different realms of the Dream World.

The music was very fitting, and in my opinion worked out in a continuous loop throughout the whole game versus trying to come up with a new theme for each character. In a way it's relaxing and I could probably drift off to sleep to it if I tried.

As for the game play I liked how it was straight forward and not as complicated as some dating sims can be. What really caught my eye was the date. Some of the dating sims I've played only allow you to talk once, give a gift once, do some other action if available and then kiss.

You created it so that if the player wanted the characters to kiss, they had to give a valuable gift not some cheap thing like the gemstalk to them, buy them a drink the right drink too and THEN they could do the kiss. I also liked how if things were "unsuccessful" on the date, such as no talking, no gift giving, and not buying the right drink, the date would be upset.

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kaleidoscope dating sim 2 angel best ending

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Kaleidoscope Dating Sim 2

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Kaleidoscope Dating Simulation Game

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kaleidoscope dating sim 2 angel best ending

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kaleidoscope dating sim 2 angel best ending

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