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swimming anime dating sim wikipedia

Prince of Stride is an otome game developed by Kadokawa Games and Vridge for the An anime television series adaptation developed by Madhouse entitled Prince of Stride: Alternative (プリンス・オブ・ストライド オルタナティブ, Purinsu Obu It is later revealed that he can't swim. . Original Japanese title, Original air date. Games[edit]. Title, Release date, Ref Sakura Swim Club, September 11, Sakura Beach 2, November 6, Sakura Santa. An anime television series adaptation, directed by Hiroyuki enjoy a gooey bath, eat Tamate's cooking, and have Eiko play an old dating sim. the girls teach Hana how to swim while Hiroe and Shion get a massage.

List of Key video games Before forming Key, the founding members worked for another visual novel development company called Nexton under the brand Tactics. Itaru Hinoue as art director, Shinji Orito as musical composer, and Miracle Mikipon and Shinory contributing to the computer graphics.

Moon released on November 21,and One: Kagayaku Kisetsu e released on May 29, Due to differing opinions between Nexton and most of the production staff in Tactics on how to produce the brand's next game, most of Tactics' staff left Nexton to pursue work in another publishing company where they could have the freedom to produce their next game.

With the production of Key's debut title Kanon still in its early stages, a brand name had still not been decided on by the developers. Maeda came upon the name Key when he saw it on a sign for a musical instrument store he would always pass on his way to work and instantly liked the name.

This gave the player more of a focus on the characters' stories and on the visuals and music, especially for a visual novel at the time of its release. A year later, on September 8,Key released their second game Airwhich was also an adult game and similar in storytelling to Kanon.

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Clannad was meant to be released inbut was delayed, leading to the game finally being released on April 28, The Reverie of a Little Planeton November 29, with a rating for all ages.

The brand's fifth game is Tomoyo After: It's a Wonderful Lifean adult game and spin-off to Clannad released on November 25,which expanded on the scenario of the heroine Tomoyo Sakagami from Clannad. Ecstasy on July 25, with added adult content, story, and visuals. Works and Aniplex [12] [13] to produce the anime series Angel Beats! Works and Aniplex to produce the anime series Charlotte [19] that aired between July and September Key released the kinetic novel Harmonia on September 23, and it was available in English before its Japanese release on December 29, The first album on this label was Humanity The albums under the label are mainly composed by Key's signature composers: Three of the singles feature songs sung by Lia and one album, Love Songfeatures the singer Riya from Eufonius.

Three drama CDs have been released as well. Way to the Little Busters! In Haruka's absence, he gradually begins to develop a relationship with Mitsuki. In the game the player assumes this role and can choose to pursue and end up with most of the female characters. The two quickly become close, and develop an intimate relationship.

swimming anime dating sim wikipedia

She is involved in a serious accident and ends up in a coma. The main thrust of the story begins when she awakens three years later. She is afflicted with anterograde amnesiaand because of her delicate psyche, her family and Takayuki conceal the truth that three years have passed, which forms much of the tension in the series.

In high school she was a competitive swimmerbut shortly after Haruka's accident, she finds herself leaving swimming to tend to Takayuki. She finally reveals her feelings to Takayuki. Tomomi Uehara Japanese ; Leah Clark English Haruka's younger sister initially treats both Takayuki and Mitsuki as older siblings until she finds out they have been seeing each other behind the comatose Haruka's back.

While Haruka is in hospital, she visits her every day. She, like Mitsuki, is a competitive swimmer, but feels as if she can never match Mitsuki, who she initially looks up to.

swimming anime dating sim wikipedia

Later, there are hints given that Akane feels something more for Takayuki, but these are not explored fully in the series.

However, he becomes an important character towards the end of the series. He sometimes presents a counter-balance to the drama of the rest of the characters, as his relationship with his girlfriend who remains off-screen seems to be going well.

swimming anime dating sim wikipedia

Ayu is the surly daughter of the chief executive officer of the "Sky Temple" financial group, who owns and operates the restaurant chain. As such, she is permitted to work at the restaurant as part of a market study by the financial group on the condition she does not reveal her identity.

Mayu is a soft-spoken but well-meaning klutz who has lost her parents and older brother. While serving as love interests in the game, they provide the only comic relief in the anime. After the credits of several episodes in the series, a second short known as the "Ayu-Mayu Theater" shows them in a comical situation totally irrelevant to the main story with all characters super deformed.

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They are also known as AyuAyu and MayuMayu. Hotaru and Fumio attended nursing school together and are very close friends. Hotaru Amakawa suffers from a terminal illness that stopped her physical development so that she looks like a very young girl. She is often referred to as "Fumio's child", as Hotaru has a very child like stature whereas Fumio has a very curvy and maternal stature. The two are inseparable. Manami, the green-haired nurse, is a student nurse who attended the same high school as Takayuki.

The next day, Hana takes the initiative to greet Nanae, helping her to water the school's flowers. Not wanting to put their new swimsuits to waste, the girls decide to spend the day wearing them indoors. After being joined by Hiroe and Shion, everyone goes to a resort hotel pool, where the girls teach Hana how to swim while Hiroe and Shion get a massage. Later, the girls discover they forgot to bring underwear with them, so Shion offers some replacements.

The next day, Hana asks Kiyose for advice over whether she should tell the others about her gap year. Afterwards, Hana learns from Eiko that Shion has been taking an unemployed gap year herself. As Hana spends the night over in her room, Shion explains how she came to enjoy being a landlady, recalling when Hana first moved into the building. After getting to try some local vegetables, the girls head down to the festival, encountering several of their classmates along the way.

At the end of the day, the girls set off some fireworks while Hana is thankful for becoming friends with everyone. During summer classes, the girls make plans to take Hana clothes shopping while Eiko shares another bashful moment with Kiyose.

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