Type 1 diabetes dating

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type 1 diabetes dating

Chris Dallas, who lives with type 1 diabetes, and his fiancée, Maroulla Plangetis, were featured in "The Dating Game" in the December issue of Diabetes. Dating someone new is always stressful, and even more so when you have Type 1 diabetes. How much information to reveal at what time is a. As part of our#TheOne campaign, we asked people living with Type 1 to share their tips on dating and Type 1 - whether it's dealing with an unexpected hypo or .

type 1 diabetes dating

Share details about your diabetes only when necessary. Keep things light Diabetes is a serious condition, especially if you develop complications like nerve damage and vision problems. Try to keep the conversation light.

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If an activity is too much for you to handle and you need to take a break, let your date know. Discuss restaurants that would suit your needs with your date.

Dating With Type 1 Diabetes

Places that serve only fried foods or that have a fixed multicourse menu may not work with your dietary requirements. Prep for your dates Dating with diabetes requires a little extra planning. Here are a few tips: Look at menus ahead of time and be mindful of your carbohydrate portions, no matter what you decide to order.

Dating Tips for Teens Telling a person you're dating about your diabetes can be a very scary step in a relationship. But it's a very important one because diabetes is a part of your everyday life. I have always pondered the best way to break the news about my diabetes.

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I have learned that the best thing to do is just put it all out on the table. There is no way to sugarcoat it. Diabetes is your everyday life, for your entire life. I really wanted to embed diabetes in our relationship because just as relationships take teamwork, so does diabetes.

In Maroulla, I have been blessed with an amazing woman who has never shown an ounce of fear.

type 1 diabetes dating

Instead, she truly looks out for my diabetes and overall health every minute of the day. She is always on me to test my blood glucose and eat healthfully.

type 1 diabetes dating

Even now, I eat almost anything I want as long as I know what's in the food so I can properly administer the correct amount of insulin. Morales says that when she and Munoz were dating, there were times when her disease interfered with their activities, like when they were rollerblading and she found she had to stop to eat. But Munoz was never bothered by these minor interruptions, she says, and was more interested in learning what he could to do help her and never complained about any accommodations they had to make for her.

type 1 diabetes dating

Christ says that having diabetes may diminish sexual response in some people. Pettit and Morales offer the same advice for people who are dating with diabetes: Be upfront about it. If the person isn't interested because you are living with diabetes, Morales says, it's better to know that sooner rather than later.

type 1 diabetes dating

Before she and Munoz became romantically involved, she dated someone who was turned off when she revealed she had type 1 diabetes.

It was painful, "but that was a sign he wasn't the right person for me," she acknowledges.

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Tips for Dating With Diabetes Dating with diabetes doesn't need to create more anxiety in your life. These practical tips will let you focus more on your date than your diabetes: If you're going out on a dinner date, check out the menu ahead of time online so you can plan what to order.

It will make it easier for you to stick to your diabetes diet and plan your insulin accordingly. Put a food plan in place for your date. For better living with diabetes, make sure you won't have to go too long without a meal or snack. If your date is a daytime outing, take along enough snacks in your tote or backpack.