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Battle Royale ! Kirby's Epic Yarn VS Kirby's Return to Dream Land

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Kirby's Epic Yarn: FAQ/Walkthrough

With a release date in January ofthis blue world features ocean life and marine creatures around every turn. You'll love the soothing soundtrack, too, which can put you in a relaxed state of mind. The game puts you in control of a scuba diver. It also gives you an assistant by the name of Katherine Sunday. Sunday will help guide you through this world and talk with you about the creatures you find. The gameplay starts on a diving boat that serves as a hub where players can get advice from Sunday and check the fish logbook to see which fish have been cataloged.

Additionally, this is where the player selects photography missions. Once underwater, players can use the Wii Remote to swim, photograph, and interact with hundreds of different creatures, including sharks, whales, dolphins, exotic fish, and penguins. Wildlife logging and photography missions advance the story line and unlock new equipment for future dives.

You even have the chance to interact with animals that you can train. The animals will quickly learn tricks and perform for you. The game also asks you to identify some of the animals you spot. Once you properly identify each one, you can move it into your private aquarium. When you're not heading off on another adventure, you can view those animals inside the aquarium.

Endless Ocean for the Nintendo Wii lets you do more than simply explore underwater. In Kirby's Return to Dream Land, when king dedede and waddle dee was chasing Kirby that was holding a cake, and metaknight just relaxing reading a book, a strange spaceship crashes on Pop Star and Kirby and his friends Waddle Dee, King Dedede and Meta Knight was looking at the ship, they've eventually found out that inside the spaceship is an alien creature named Magolor and he finds out that the ship was missing a lot of pieces and all of them are scattered around Pop Star, but Kirby and his friends are willing help him out to recover all of the pieces and fix the spaceship so that it can fly again.

Again, this had a simple story, however! Comparing to these two, Kirby's Epic Yarn is pretty much the simplest of the two, while it has more cuter moments in that game, I felt that Kirby's Return to Dreamland was really more enjoyable than the other game, since it had more good plotwists, more epic moments, and the most overall well-made story, so Kirby's Return to Dream Land wins this category! You are first put on Patch Land in order to select a world by just traversing through the land and then walk to the designated area or by teleporting right to it and then selecting a level by entering one of its doors, and in the levels, one of the main obvious differences in it'd gameplay is that Kirby doesn't have the ability to swallow or spit out enemies, instead, he can attack with a whip of yarn that can either destroy the enemy or grab them and turn them into projectiles, in which doing the latter can be essential to progress through the game, and you can do other moves such as turn into a parachute while on the air to glide down, turn into a car by tapping left or right twice to run faster, etc.

Kirby does not have health or extra lives, instead, you can lose beads that you collect, and collecting a certain amount of beads can give you a respective medal for that level. The game also includes two player co-op multiplayer where the second player is prince fluff and both of you can help each other collect beads, go through the levels, etc. The gameplay in this game might be pretty simple, but it's also different from the other Kirby games since in this game it doesn't allow you to copy abilities in here, so the question is, does it work?

The game starts you in the level select screen so that you can select which world to go and then which level to go in an area where you can run around and go through one of the doors that represents the levels. You play as Kirby, you can inhale indefinitely to suck in nearby objects and enemies, and the inhaled objects can either be propelled back out as projectiles or swallowed, however there are certain enemies that when swallowed Kirby will gain a copy ability, and it depends on what that certain enemy is, for example if Kirby swallows someone who has the ability of fire, Kirby will gain the ability of fire, and such, The game is pretty much a reminiscent of the traditional Kirby formula when it comes to gameplay, and there are some returning gameplay mechanics like each copy ability for example has multiple forms of attack that are summoned depending on the button-presses you are making, just like in Kirby Super Star for the SNES and a lot of copy abilities from other Kirby games such as the cutter, the tornado, the fighter, etc.

This game also includes 4 player drop-in drop-out cooperative multiplayer where the second, third and fourth player have a choice of playing either as Meta Knight, King Dedede, and Waddle Dee or even another Kirby!

This game's gameplay is really fun! Comparing to these two, I definitely going to side with Kirby's Return to Dream Land, not that I hate Kirby's Epic Yarn mind you, it's just that Kirby's Return to Dream Land was more much fun to me for it's great, fast and enjoyable gameplay it offers that uses elements from other Kirby games and mixes it together to make a Kirby game with an amazing gameplay!

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Best Graphics VS Kirby's Epic Yarn's graphics is mostly well known on how original and good looking it was back in E3in which gametrailers and gamespot named it as the game with best graphics when comparing with other big budgeted titles! While the game's graphics are charming and colorful just like any Kirby game should be, and it actually works since the game's gameplay is slow paced, you will have more attention to its graphics, however that said and done, they are not original, since I saw this kind of art style in Yoshi's Story for the Nintendo 64, but still, even if it's not original, it's still looks good if not for it's really simplistic look and lack of more depth into it.

Kirby's Return to Dream Land graphics were designed as a 3D model in a 2. To be completely honest, they look really good, while some stages look rather simple most of them have an amazing detail behind them with a lot of things that makes it look deep and even atmospheric at times! So which one of these do I prefer the most when it comes to its graphics department?