Vinyl record values free uk dating

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vinyl record values free uk dating

Establishing vinyl records value is an inexact science, and there are a number of factors that Pink Floyd - The Division Bell original UK LP .. and not a counterfeit pressing created at a later date to resemble the original issue. . – This site is free to use for a limited, but unspecified, number of searches. Items 1 - 12 of We are a UK based online mail order record shop. in buying/selling rare collectables of CDs, vinyl, promos, hard to find out of date rarities. Is there a magazine or website that has a price guide for vinyl? same goes for the record collectors guide, but they specialise in UK releases. the time so keeping them up 2 date would be difficult. like say a film from yrs ago contains a song.

Browsers riffle through rows of second-hand vinyl and CDs. A stereo system plays dub reggae and vintage soul. Record sleeves line the walls. Mr Burgess, 52, has the long hair of the rock star he failed to become. My visit is to calculate the value of an asset that has taken me more than 30 years to build up.

My music collection comprises almost vinyl records, several thousand CDs and more than 12, digital songs. But it also represents thousands of pounds worth of expense.

vinyl record values free uk dating

The result is then matched to records sold on the site. For the next step I have gone to Flashback Records for expert verification. Mr Burgess set up the Islington shop in and now has two other London outlets. Its current state of health comes after a deep trough in the s.

vinyl record values free uk dating

Record Store Day, which takes place this weekend, was set up to protect independent record retailers from extinction. Three-quarters closed in the UK in the s. Mr Burgess had to sell his north London home in to keep his business afloat.

vinyl record values free uk dating

People have grown nostalgic for the aesthetic, tactile pleasures of records, the look of the sleeve, the feel of the disc. More than 4m vinyl albums were sold in the UK last year, the highest level since The boom has raised the value of used vinyl too.

Those of us who kept buying vinyl amid the various existential threats it faced can congratulate ourselves on holding our nerve amid testing market conditions. We have played the long game with consummate skill, or perhaps luck. Meanwhile, those who got rid of their collections under the disastrous pretext of decluttering deserve sympathy.

There is still time to get back in the proverbial groove. As growth rates vary across genres and eras, prey to the unpredictable whim of fashion, investment opportunities still exist. They become instantly collectible.

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They are now dropping again. Store your records properly. Keep them upright and away from radiators or direct sunlight. Change the stylus needle regularly. Coveted tracks The worth of a record collection depends on several factors.

How to spot vinyl records that could be worth money

Rarity or status is another variable. Working out which records do well is not straightforward. I might as well return it to my parents-in-law. My copy of the album turns out to have the original gatefold sleeve, with a photo of the actress Claudia Cardinale that was withdrawn from later pressings after she complained. Mine is the mono recording, not the stereo, but it is the corrected second pressing.

Value of Vinyl Records

Fame is no guarantee of resale value. It came out in when cassettes were the only rival to vinyl. The same is true of singles: Genres that hold their value well include psychedelia, progressive rock and soul. To my surprise, Britpop albums are among the most valuable. The s was the decade when vinyl was eclipsed by CDs.

Records from that period, especially aftercommand a premium due to relative scarcity. There is dross among my records too. Reissues of the album are worth a few pounds. Few inch 78rpm records released by Columbia have survived. The record came inside a green sleeve cover showing a small girl dreaming of a hippo by a Christmas tree. The LP is a compilation of recordings the band had sent out to fans between and First released as a CD in The highly sought-after vinyl was released on Island Records in September.

Record comes inside a jacket with a matt finish. Since first belted out by lead singer Noddy Holder, it has been a regular Christmas favourite — selling more than a million copies to date. The best-selling Christmas single of all time has shifted more than million copies and was written by composer Irving Berlin.

How to spot a record that could be worth money Industry bible Record Collector provides a grading system vinyl stores must adhere to. It is better to buy face-to-face from a specialist dealer if possible or an online trader with positive reviews.