Iron man armored adventures 2099 online dating

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iron man armored adventures 2099 online dating

A description of tropes appearing in Iron Man: Armored Adventures. Things are Not a Date: In "Iron Man ," Pepper claims that she and Tony are on a date. Red Dead Online Gives Players Conflicting Open World Missions · 5 Games We Can't Wait to Play This December · 'True Blood' 10 Years On: Too Much Sex. A man named Andros Stark appears from the year to stop the end of the world from Iron Man: Armored Adventures (–). /10 Release Date.

Basically, Tony was forced to use an experimental version of a virus called Extremis in order to save his own life. It was the most powerful set of armor, by far, at the time. The armor had abilities such as cloaking, omni-directional repulsor rays, and even time travel! In "The Crossing", Tony Stark gets mentally unwound by Kang the Conqueror, resulting in him becoming a villain and donning a weird suit.

The Avengers go back in time to pick up a teenage version of Tony, to help him defeat the evil one.

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The whole thing got retconned, probably for good reason. This suit is a spiky prototype, unusually proportioned and assembled piece by piece over a period of time. The final result has enormous gauntlets, huge hands and fingers, and giant shoulder pads. It was built with numerous cloaking systems, and it also provided the wearer with holographic disguises, reflective armor, and several non-lethal weapons systems.

iron man armored adventures 2099 online dating

With its super big feet, it looks like Iron Man put on a pair of moon boots. The armor was designed to handle the stronger gravity conditions of hyperspace travel, keeping Tony safe at 50 Gs. It combines magnetism, mobility software and hardware within the armor, making it possible for Tony to move around.

It also made sure all blood flow remained in his limbs. But, hey, it was designed for a specific reason and looked pretty cool in the comic books when it came out. Andros wears futuristic energy armor that is more powerful than any 21st-century armor. It is run by an operating system called J. Andros' remarked that when comparing Tony's armor and his together, it is like "a calculator competing against a supercomputer.

Iron Man 2099

It enhances Andros's strength immensely. The armor can hold up a helicopter without much effort. It is capable of moving at blinding speeds. The armor can take an extreme amount of damage without being scratched at all. It can easily withstand bullets and the most advanced weapons of the present day with little difficulty.

It has boot jets that enable him to fly through the air at incredible speeds. His gauntlets have the following abilities: His version of Iron Man's repulsors are a lot more advanced, stronger, and more destructive than the present ones. His ultra repulsors can generate an energy ball that can separate into a few cluster energy balls to attack his opponent.

It can also knock men unconscious for about 3 minutes. He can generate a force field out of his own hands and the body of the armor. The suit can generate holographic videos and hard-light holographic pictures through the gauntlets.

For example, Andros shows Tony a hard-light hologram recording of his father and Dr. Yinsen talking and Hammer a newspaper hologram of him being the President three times in a row. The version of the unibeam is much stronger than the 21st century Iron Man.

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Just one burst can severely cripple the S. What makes this interesting is that in the comics though clearly not hereshe's Hammer's granddaughter. Even Evil Has Standards: Stane occasionally shows this sentiment, though Tony refuses to believe it. He claims to not be a killer, but he certainly proves that he's willing to do almost anything else for the sake of greed. Justin Hammer is an evil reflection of Tony — similar origins though with a lot more ambiguity on Justin's partsimilar roles in lives, both young men who are or will in Tony's caseheading incredibly huge companies.

Thanks to these, Justin sees himself and Tony as almost kindred spirits. Tony does not agree. Hammer intentionally invokes this with Titanium Man, which he had built specifically to be superior to Iron Man.

They're even visually opposite each other, Tony's dark hair and coloration contrasting with Justin's blond hair and light clothing. Done even further with his secretary Sasha, who is basically an older Platinum-blonde version of Pepper. Doom to Mandarin, though Mandarin gets lucky when Tony zaps Doom off to be unceremoniously devoured by a demon.

Rhona does this when threatening Pepper and Whitney with a shrink ray. This gives Pepper ample time to disarm her.

Pepper, of all peoplethen calls her out on doing the villain cliche of gloating excessively. Once the armor schematics end up in Stane's hands, he rolls out inferior copies of the Space, Stealth, and Hulkbuster armors. However, they're just trial runs to iron out the bugs for his Iron Monger project. Attempted in "Best Served Cold. Justin Hammer injects Mr.

Fix with explosive nano machines after he fails and is not shy about reminding him of it. Or finally using it, but saving Fix's mind through Brain Uploading. Force and Shockwave show signs of this during the fight with Count Nefaria, taking all the credit even though they couldn't actually beat Nefaria themselves Iron Man did.

Hammer tried to do this as well, as he had his assistant take control of the Iron Monger simply so he could swoop in and "save the day. Averted with common criminals and the police, who use realistic firearms. The well-funded and high-tech groups S. Luckily, it seems not many people are listening. Even Pepper feels a little of this due to an understandable fear of mutants.

Naturally she's over it by the episode's end. To drive the racism parallels home, Rhodey is the one to shout down Pepper for being ignorant after she expresses some questionable views on Mutant rights.

Ivan Vanko studies one before his Crimson Dynamo armor is pulled into a radioactive flare on the sun's surface. Fate Worse than Death: Justin Hammer's explosive nanites not only kill Mr.

Fix's body, but download his brain so Hammer can put it inside his mainframe, forcing Mr. Fix into unending servitude. Pepper when she introduces herself. Though justified as her feet were at his eye level when she got his attention. Pepper Forced to Watch: Hammer's assistant forced Stane to watch as she controlled the Iron Monger to kill his daughter with him stuck inside.

If you look at the crowd gathered around Sen. Kelly's speech, you can see Rhona and Andy among them. This is a nod to season 1 as the models of Andy and Rhona were seen often before their first speaking roles in season 2.

Pepper Potts treats every aspect of Tony's hero life this way. Mr Fix's hit squad wear black armour with helmets and full face masks including respirators. Thunderbolt Ross in his pursuit of the Hulk, naturally, with the added bonus of being rather incompetent to boot.

A Glitch in the Matrix: In "Control-Alt-Delete," Tony figures out he's in a computer simulation when he causes an explosion and several cars disappear as a result. The simulation can't render the explosions fast enough so it removes the cars to compensate.

iron man armored adventures 2099 online dating

Gotta Catch Them All: The Mandarin is obsessed with collecting the ancient Makluan Rings. The series ends with the two-part episode "The Makluan Invasion", where Tony, Rhodey, and Pepper stop an alien invasion with help from Gene, Nick Fury, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Black Panther, and the Hulk and decide to continue defending the city after their secret identities become public knowledge.

Pepper is jealous of Tony's friendship with Whitney. Tony grows jealous of Pepper's friendship with Gene. Kicked up a notch when Tony starts dating Whitney and Pepper hooks up with Happy to make him jealous. One wonders why mooks bother when their opponents are usually walking around in suits of Powered Armor that can withstand direct missile impacts. Averted in one episode where the Tong and Maggia go at it.

The gun-toting Maggia mooks manage to take down their fair share of Tong, even though they were horribly outmatched by the Mandarin. One case it was justified in that the target had no physical body at all.

Although the rest does a lot of Hand-Waving. Played with in-story in a very Inception-esque way during "Control-Alt-Delete.

The scene naturally cuts across town directly to Hammer International, where Tony is walking into Hammer's office and meets The Controller, who gives a clue that the world Tony's in isn't real by pointing out that, as per the Hard CutTony never actually travelled to or entered the building, but merely snapped to the outside of Hammer's office from the rooftop.

iron man armored adventures 2099 online dating

Tony refuses to believe it, even though he doesn't actually remembers traveling across town. Applies to half the people who appeared in episode 4. Subverted with Blizzard himself; over-exposure to the cold has left a good portion of his face covered in severe frostbite. Zig-zagged with Captain America. As is common in most continuities, he survived being frozen. Tony comes dangerously close a few times over the course of the series.

iron man armored adventures 2099 online dating

His struggle to keep up his father's legacy and prevent Stane from ruining his family's company, combined with his school life and Iron Man life, often leave him with zero downtime to relax and unwind his stress. Ironically, his heroic sacrifice is what allowed him to acquire the fifth Makluan Ring and then betray the very friends he was helping. It's not clear whether he actually knew what he was doing or just acting out of desperation, but Stane breaks the out-of-control Iron Monger armor from the inside to stop it from killing Whitney, which causes it to shut down and fall off a building with him inside, putting him into a coma.

Happy's mother is a concert cellist, and he apparently knows quite a lot about classical music as a result. In the season one finale, Rhodey catches up with Zhang's helicopter, and when Zhang refuses to tell him where Tony and the others are, he casually tosses him out of the helicopter in order to intimidate him.

iron man armored adventures 2099 online dating