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one tree hill 8x13 online dating

One Tree Hill was the first teen drama I first ever really started watching, He is dating the most popular girl in school, lives in a huge house, and is the star of the basketball team. .. meet people on the internet, but in my mind, it is more about showing why Peyton . The Other Half of Me (Episode 8x13). Warning: this "weird" meditation automobiles wager ex a sure wager pictured monthly in (two-thirds ex aborigines would infrequently submit a meditation 13 kort online dating · advice on dating a leo man · one tree hill 8x13 online dating . 8 Premiere Air Date September 14, Premiere Episode Asleep At Heaven's Gate "Hope, heartbreak and a hurricane - all in One Tree Hill's Season 8.

It is by far the most realistic season, somewhere closer to Dawson's Creek than say The OC, but it is definitely not like what OTH became known for being.

That being said, it is nice to go back and see all of the relationships form that will play out for the rest of the show. We get the beginning of Lucas and Nathan working together as brothers and teammates. This is also, of course, the beginning of one of my favorite couples, Naley, and I love how pure and innocent their relationship starts out.

I don't love the story of Lucas and Peyton sneaking around behind Brooke's back, but I do love Brooke and Peyton's journey back to each other as friends. I also love the realistic dynamic between Deb, Dan, Karen, and Keith in this season, before all the murder plots and schemes begin. Season 2 My least favorite season of the high school years.

This season was all over the place and at times a little boring. Watching Nathan struggle with Haley leaving him is too hard for me to watch, and it lasts so long it starts to make me depressed. I loved the introduction of Felix and Anna in this season, Felix was a fun character, and Anna was the shows chance to explore a coming out story. However, neither of them ended up being used to their full potential, and they were written out and never brought up again.

I also did not love the whole storyline with Lucas trying to "take down Dan", it never ended up playing out to its full advantage either. However, the Jules and Keith storyline was a fun twist, and of course, started the beginning of the major feud between Dan and Keith that would end in Keith's death. I also loved Peyton and Jake together, and their struggle with Nikki. The best thing to come out of this season though? Chris Keller of course! And the addition of Tric, which allowed the show to host many future musical guests.

Overall, it was my least favorite high school season, however, it was still much better than the last few seasons in general. While the storyline about Nathan being kidnapped was pretty ridiculous, it was a great reason to bring everyone together for one final mission. Watching Dan, Haley, Julian, Chris, and Chase team up to save Nathan was awesome, and Dan's sacrifice was the perfect conclusion to his and Nathan's story. I also really liked Chase's storyline with Chuck in this season and found he was finally being used to his full potential.

I could have done without the stories of Julian leaving one of the twins in the car, and Clay discovering he forgot his own son though, they were both pretty absurd. I did, however, love the ending of the season, and the fact that Haley and Brooke reopened Karen's Cafe. For me, it was the best of the post- Lucas and Peyton seasons. Season 8 I have similar feelings towards seasons seven and eight, they were both okay, but not the show's best. The reason this season ranks higher to me though than seven is because I loved getting to see Brooke and Julian get their happy ending, especially that they ended up being able to get pregnant.

All the episodes leading up to their wedding were great, and finally seeing Brooke get to be the bride after watching all of her friend's find happiness was awesome. Clay and Quinn also got to develop more as a couple this season without having to deal with David and Katie. I also didn't mind Alex as much during this season, especially her love triangle with Chase and Mia.

This season also was one of the first to not have Haley and Nathan go through a major marital problem, and instead, they had another baby, and Nathan found a new career. Considering it was written to be the show's final season, it would have provided a satisfying conclusion had that been the case.

Season 7 One Tree Hill is possibly one of the only shows that I have seen so far, where I don't dislike or disregard an entire season of it, I just like some more than others. That is the case with season seven, the final one in my ranking. There are of course many things about this season I could have done without.

Joy/Haley in 813: "The Other Half of Me" #1

This was the season that the show had to prove it could survive without Lucas and Peyton, and in some ways, it was a breath of fresh air to invite some new characters into the picture. I loved the introduction of Quinn and Clay and ended up falling in love with their relationship.

However, I could have done without Alex, and Nathan's accused mistress. Both of those characters felt like they were trying to recreate different parts of Rachel, and it just wasn't working for me. Speaking of Rachel, this was also the season where she was married to Dan, who had his own talk show about how he had killed his brother While I found this storyline funny at first, it soon grew tiring and I was over it far before it was.

One thing I found really compelling about this season though, was Haley's struggle with depression after losing her mom. As the one who was normally taking care of everyone else, it was nice to see the gang come together to help Haley for a change, and Bethany Joy Lenz's performance was heartbreaking.

It brings back the happy go lucky friend of Mouth's, Jimmy Edwards from the pilot and shows just how different his life has become since being left behind by the guys at the River Court. Listening to Jimmy's story and experiences of depression is gut-wrenching, and the episode keeps you at the edge of your seat the whole time. From Peyton dying in Luke's arms in the library to Nathan going back into the school to save Haley, the whole episode is so compelling, yet handled with complete respect for its subject matter.

Not only does it show the horrors of school bullying, but the aftermath of the episode was also so well done as the season progressed. It also, of course, has one of the biggest twists of the entire show, Dan killing Keith, and framing poor Jimmy in the process. The Ravens win the state championships, allowing Whitey to retire with pride. Lucas finally realizes Peyton is the one he is meant to be with and kisses her under a sea of confetti.

And Nathan tries to prove he will be a better father than Dan by not following through on his deal with Dante. It also has a ton of action and suspense when Dante retaliates by hitting Haley with his car, resulting in Lucas having a heart attack after seeing Haley in the street. Dan even takes the fall for Nathan when he beats Dante to death, showing the beginning of his arc for redemption. Overall, it pretty much sums up One Tree Hill as a show and gives us everything the show has to offer in one episode.

The Show Must Go On Episode 3x22 While I thought that it was sweet that Nathan and Haley had a private ceremony to get married, I can't say I wasn't super bummed we didn't get see them have a wedding episode. But that is exactly what we got with this season finale, along with one of the biggest cliffhangers the show ever has.

The wedding its self was so sweet, and it was so rewarding getting to see Nathan and Haley finally happy after all they had been through that season. But that is the only happiness we get. Deb tells Dan she tried to kill him, Peyton tells Brooke she is still in love with Lucas, and Rachel steals the wedding limo and drives it off a bridge.

We are left with Haley screaming on the bridge after Nathan jumps in to save Rachel and Cooper, and the question of who out of Rachel, Haley, or Brooke is pregnant? It is a very high stakes episode, and also includes a pretty great soundtrack. It is so sweet and features the gang going on a weekend trip to Rachel's cabin.

one tree hill 8x13 online dating

After all the heartache of the episodes following the school shooting, it was so nice to have an episode that just showed everyone having fun together.

Between Pete Wentz making an appearance, and Nathan stealing back Haley's wedding ring so he could re-propose to herwhat's not to love?

The Other Half of Me Episode 8x13 This is it, after watching Brooke struggle for so long to find love, she finally gets to marry the man of her dreams. Brooke and Julian are such a great couple, and this episode served them so well. Julian picking Jamie to be his best man was so sweet, and the speech he gives is impossibly cute.

one tree hill 8x13 online dating

Skills trying to make sure that nothing goes wrong like at every other Tree Hill wedding is funny and appropriate, as this is the only wedding episode that manages to not end in disaster. And even though it's heartbreaking that Brooke's dad does not show up, it's nice to see how her relationship with Victoria has progressed so much, that she ends up being better off with her walking her down the aisle.

After the gang graduated in the previous season's finale, fans were left to wonder what direction the show would go in next, mainly would everyone be heading off to college? But what we got was so much better. The episode skips almost five years ahead and shows where everyone has ended upleaving a lot of questions to be answered over the upcoming season. What happened to Nathan's back? Why are Lucas and Peyton not together anymore? How did Brooke get her company off the ground?

One tree hill 8x13 online dating

And most importantly, why can't poor Mouth get a job? It was such a creative way to go for a teen show and hopefully will inspire others to try things different than the college route. One Tree Hill Episode 9x13 The series finale was purely an hour of fan service, and I loved every minute of it.

It called back to everything we loved about the show, Peyton's bedroom, Karen's cafe, and Brooke getting her house with the red door. It even ends with one final concert at Tric, featuring none other than Gavin DeGraw. Watching the whole cast sing "I Don't Wanna Be" always makes me cry, and it was paired perfectly with a montage of everyone hanging out at the cafe with their families. The flash forward at the end was also great, as we got to see Jamie follow in his dad's footsteps, and that everyone would still be just as close for years to come.

All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone Episode 4x21 I remember watching this episode not too long after my own high school graduation and thinking about just how perfectly it captured that feeling you get when you realize you are about to enter the real world. I related so much to the final scene at the River Court with everyone talking about how they were going to stay just as close, and that nothing would change so much, and remembered making similar vows to my own friends. And of course as life, goes, the following episode would show that this was not the case, but it was still a perfect ending to the high school years of the show.

To Wish Impossible Things Episode 1x18 This episode was when the show started to really capture my attention. Not only was it fun seeing all the guys on the team get auctioned off to some pretty unlikely partners, but it had some really great moments.

Lucas and Haley finally get to reconnect after their distance because of Haley dating Nathan. Nathan and Peyton finally got some closure to their relationships as we saw Nathan finally starting to change his ways for Haley.

We also got to see the beginnings of Jake's struggle with Nikki, and one of my favorite friendships between Mouth and Brooke.

Danny Boy Episode 9x11 No matter your feelings for Dan, this episode is extremely emotional, and the perfect send off to the show's most notorious villain. Dan has come so far by this point in the show and watching him sacrifice himself for Nathan just shows how far he has come as a character. Not to mention that watching Keith welcoming him at the gates will always make me tear up.

Lucas calls either Brooke, Peyton, or Lindsey and proposes. It is revealed to be Peyton in the Season 6 premiere. Out of all the happy endings present, the very last couple we see could have a tragic end: Katie, the stalker who's been pretending to be Clay's dead wife, shoots Quinn. When Clay runs out, hearing the gunshot, she shoots Clay as well, and leaves the both of them lying on the floor. Clothes Make the Legend: Or rather, the Tree Hill Ravens retiring your number does.

The fan and critical favorite, widely regarded as the best episode of the show, "With Tired Eyes, Tired Minds, Tired Souls, We Slept" 3x16 has Jimmy Edwards come to school with a gun and take hostages in the tutoring center. The tragedy is mostly averted: However, Jimmy Edwards kills himself and Dan uses the gun to kill his brother Keith, believing Keith is the one who tried to kill him at the end of Season 2.

From the pilot to the Grand Finalethe show covers roughly 16 years during the 9 years it was on the air. Season 5 takes place after a four year Time Skipand covers a period of a few months - notably, the basketball season is shown to have start halfway through the season, and is stated to still have 11 games left in the finale.

Season 6 is explicitly stated to cover an eight month period by Peyton when she notes that she's going to be 8 months pregnant in her wedding photos. Season 7 takes place after a 14 month Time Skip. It starts with Jamie's birthday, and Nathan doesn't report for pre-season training until the following season, which means the season takes place over a few months. Season 8 takes over roughly a year, and features another Time Skip during the final episode of the season of roughly a year.

The bulk of Season 9 takes place over close to two months. The final moments of the season, and the show, skip forward around 6 years. Comically Missing the Point: Convenient Coma Both Karen and Peyton gave birth while unconscious via C-section due to medical conditions: Karen had pre-eclampsia and Peyton placenta previa.

Nathan goes into a coma and imagines life if Dan had stayed with Karen instead of marrying Deb. Cooper goes into a coma after Rachel makes him drive off a bridge. Lucas suffers 2 separate comas. The first forces Dan to admit that he is Lucas' father so Lucas can get proper medical attention. In the second, Keith appears to Lucas to show him what life would be like without him his very own "It's a Wonderful Life" and to help him remember seeing a witness to Keith's murder.

In season 8, Clay and Quinn are in comas after being shot. The series do keep to canon. In the second episode of season five, Peyton and Brooke talked to Nathan, now Disabled Hottieand cheered him up by saying the second and third best night of his life just walked in, referring to their past relationships with him. In the season eight episode "Luck Be a Lady" Brooke's soon-to-be mother-in-law says that if Brooke's wedding is outdoors she'll have to hang salami to keep the bees away and that's why she should have it in a church.

Two episodes later Brooke has a nightmare about her and Julian having a redneck and outdoorsy wedding. In one blink and you'll miss it shot you can see salami hanging in the trailer park. In Season 5, Jamie celebrates his fifth birthday. Considring that Jamie's birthday coinciding with that anniversary was mentioned only a few episodes earlier, it really makes no sense as to how no-one picked up on this.

Further complicating things, is that Jamie's seventh birthday happens at the start of season 7 and Nathan At this point, playing in the NBA is stated to be in the off-season. Peyton namedrops the Princess for a Day trope when discussing returning to Tree Hill for their wedding with Lucas. Kevin Federline's character gets out "What the-" before Peyton switches off the sound in the recording studio.

Season 9, with the primary plot of Nathan being kidnapped by Eastern European assassins, and being held ransom To the people who ordered the hit, so they can get more money before they kill Nathan. A Date with Rosie Palms: In 3x18, this was used hilariously when Rachel catches Brooke in the act.

Brooke asks if she could've knocked, to which Rachel replies, "Well, I didn't know you'd be Brooke-ing yourself! Used again in season eight when Clay tells Nathan that what with his girlfriend being out of town and him not being able to move his arm after getting shot his sex life isn't going so well.

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