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filosofos presocraticos pluralistas yahoo dating

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filosofos presocraticos pluralistas yahoo dating

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filosofos presocraticos pluralistas yahoo dating

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filosofos presocraticos pluralistas yahoo dating

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filosofos presocraticos pluralistas yahoo dating

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No se usen para fines comerciales u onerosos. Philosophical Reflections on Science and Religion El paradigma de la cosmodernidad: Bejarano Chamorro, Eyner F. Chamorro Guerrero and Diego A. Philosophy of religion and education, invites us to travel through one of the fascinating paths of philosophy such as deep reflection about religion, its nature, its origin, its structure, its possibilities and its limits. And from there, to direct our gaze towards the relationships of religion with other systems of values and human actions as is the case of education.

Los Filósofos Presocráticos (Primera parte)

It is important to consider that the approaches addressed in this issue of the collection are multifunctional and multicausal, they address fundamental questions about the meaning of human existence in its relationship with a perfect cosmos, review the different manifestations of the philosophy of religion and its repercussions on the spiritual and social dimension of the human being.

From this perspective, the philosophy of religion tries to respond to various human concerns such as: What is the nature, essence and purpose of religion? Is there a Philosophy of Religion? Where did we come from? What is the true human nature? Is God a superior being that is before all created or is it a creation of the human intellect? How does the principles of religion relate to education?

How does the philosophy of religion affect the actions of the human being? What is the relationship between the philosophy of religion and science? Objectively speaking, the answers generated depend on the way of thinking of at least three groups of people: In any case, the discussion is broad if it is to answer about the existing relations between philosophy and religion and even more if it is intended to answer about the real existence of the philosophy of religion.

filosofos presocraticos pluralistas yahoo dating

The problem is greater when it is considered as a starting point of human reflections to the socio-historical nature of man. From this reality one could understand all his thinking, his being and his task, so that from the scene in which the subject moves to build entities, realities, precepts and new knowledge that somehow are imposed on the collective consciousness of people who begin to assume them and live them as irrefutable truths that are filling the spiritual life of the human being.

Likewise, to respond to different human concerns from the intellect, in addition to philosophy, different disciplines arise such as the sociology of religion, the history of religions, the psychology of religion that are responsible for the reality of religions. Philosophy as a globalizing knowledge also corresponds to the study of religion, its nature, its essence and the development of the philosophy of religion understood as the critical analysis-reflexive, historical-social objective of the various forms of religion.

From a philosophical perspective it can be perceived that religion, from its social manifestations, interprets itself as the set of ethical norms and moral precepts.

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This is how religion has been important in educational processes to the extent that it has been the forger of the main basic rules of social coexistence and of some fundamental moral imperatives for human growth. On the other hand, if we make a retrospective view of the process experienced by religion we find that it was one of the first educators of human groups, but soon philosophy and science were nuanced approaches to religion, education and life itself.

It is clear that from the philosophy of the pre-socratics to the present and from the Renaissance science onwards, religion was never excluded from educational work. In this sense, philosophy and science gave rise to a new vision of education insofar as this is no longer reduced to a mere repetition of truths of divine origin but seeks to approach the very essence of the human being.

Science and philosophy in all its edges offer the human being the normative horizon sufficient for its development in the world. Now, the intellectual and cultural matrix of current thought undoubtedly has its origin in classical Greek thought according to which knowledge is inseparable from personal virtue.